10 questions about the economy – Finance for everyone

You don’t know the GDP of France, the ranking of world powers or the performance of the oil market?

Improve your economic knowledge with our quiz!

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The net result is the best indicator to evaluate the company’s performance.

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The G20 is a body responsible for regulating global finance:

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In what year did Lehman Brothers go bankrupt?

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By limiting the public deficit to 3% of GDP (Maastricht criterion), the European state begins to repay its debt.

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What is Bitcoin?

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Which of these countries is more dependent on raw material exports?

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How many barrels of oil does the oil industry produce per day, in millions?

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According to the World Economic Forum in 2019, in the ranking of the most competitive countries, France…

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According to the 2021 GDP ranking of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China is included in the ranking of the world’s most powerful countries:

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