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If it was born on the street, streetwear fashion has managed to enter other areas for a long time. Loved by rappers and athletes, reinterpreted by major fashion houses, it has allowed many young brands to emerge.

Along with big names like Converse, Reebok or Lacoste, new labels have appeared in recent years in different registers, from the most sporty to the most elegant. Prove that streetwear isn’t just for skateboarders and the youngest among you!

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a little reminder would be appropriate. What is streetwear? If we stick to the literal translation, this is “street clothes”.

Historically, we tend to say that this style originated in the United States in the 1970s, specifically in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. It is famous for its street cultures such as skateboarding, hip-hop and graffiti. it is characterized by comfortable, often casual clothing with graphic prints, logos and slogans. At this time, streetwear became especially popular among young urbanites trying to express their individuality and belonging to a community.

But in half a century of its existence, it became a global phenomenon and was able to break the codes. If sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion USA or even Lacoste can be seen as streetwear historical figures, they are joined by many brands whose collections are undoubtedly inspired by street culture, but can perfectly fit into a more casual wardrobe.

If you want to let your urban fiber do the talking, here are 10 streetwear brands around the world to know.


Avnier is an anagram of future. However, the name is more likely derived from the term “penultimate”. Referring to Orelsa’s penultimate concert during his 2014 tour. Because it is Aurélien Cotentin who is the originator of this brand created together with the Swiss designer Sebastian Strappazzon.

Striving to create “functional and durable products for music and film professionals”, the two men managed to create a universe between streetwear and workwear. Functional, of course, but with a very successful shiny premium style.

BAPE – Floating Monkey

Founded in 1993, Japanese brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE for short) enjoyed immediate and short-lived success before being acquired by Chinese firm IT Company in 2011.

Endorsed by artists such as Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams, he has been increasing his collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Nintendo and gaining international fame. The success of the sneakers is also (and above all) driven by the Shark hoodie with a shark head, “water-swimming monkey” (literal translation). Bathing monkey) is a key reference in luxury streetwear. The brand even plans to (finally!) open its own French e-store in 2023, in time for its 30th anniversary.

Streetwear brands BAPE


We stay in Japan with Beams, one of the pioneers of streetwear born in 1976 and one of the big names in Japanese fashion in general. Not limited to an urban registry, Beams offers a very sophisticated wardrobe in the middle of urban fashion and BCBG style, both inspired by Japanese and American culture.

This clash of worlds won’t please everyone, but it makes for some out-of-the-ordinary collections. And it’s very similar to the offerings of other brands on this list!

Streetwear brands Beams

Cold Wall

On the Cold Wall, that is the perfect synthesis between industrial architecture and fashiontwo fields as far apart as one might think, but here they come together in the most beautiful way.

Founded in 2015 by Samuel Ross (then only 25 years old), this British house stands out for its futuristic designs and high-quality materials. Often stylized as a triangle or a diamond, the brand’s logo is designed to symbolize the gap between high fashion and street fashion. Cold Wall knew how to break boundaries with elegant collections that were favored by artists such as US rapper A$AP Rocky and presented during Fashion Week in London or Paris.

Streetwear Brands A Cold Wall

Studio education

We talked about A$AP Rocky a bit above, but the American rapper shines a light on streetwear brands. So we’ve also seen her wearing Etudes Studio dresses like Travis Scott or Rihanna.

Founded in Paris in 2012, it is known for its minimalist aesthetic and contemporary designs. More than just a fashion brand, Etudes is designed as an “art laboratory” where artists from several disciplines flourish.

Jérémie Egry, Aurélien Arbet and José Lamali were able to create a strong identity around their brand. offers not only menswear, but also accessories and… art books. The collections are inspired by urban culture, contemporary art and architecture, characterized by clean cuts and noble materials. The 12 stars of the European flag and Klein blue are other features that are often seen on the uniforms.

Streetwear brands Etudes Studio


Born in the early 1990s, Homecore is often introduced as the first French streetwear brand. Created by Alexandre Guarneri, inspired by fashion, urban culture and contemporary art history.

Its creator also aimed to break free from conventional streetwear codes. Say goodbye to oversized cutouts and big logos, Homecore bets on a more elegant hybrid style between classic sportiness and comfortable restraint.. The result is refined by leading to compelling reinterpretations. Thanks to Homecore, the suit jacket and shirt also speak for themselves. It proves that streetwear style is not limited to hoodie-jeans-sneakers trio.

Homecore streetwear brands


Arty Marianne in President Macron’s cabinet, that’s it. Village Owned by Andre the Giant also. He is Shepherd Fairey, the artist and designer behind the clothing brand Obey in 2001.

If it is converted mainstream today, it was created with the desire to arouse interest, educate and rebel against indigenous folk culture. Contemporary art and street art combine in various Obey pieces, mainly t-shirts and sweatshirts.. Apart from the visual aspect, these clothes are distinguished by genuine manufacturing quality, durable materials and neat finishing.

Streetwear brands Obey

Off White

Off White is a brand founded in 2013 by the late Virgil Abloh In the 21st century, allowing street fashion to invite itself to the table of the greatest designers.

Nike, Ikea, Moncler, Louis Vuitton… All have linked up with Off White in one way or another for a collection (or several). Abloh’s creativity is particularly expressed through the use of unique materials such as electrical cables, reflective strips and paper labels that add authenticity to his garments.

If flawless white has long been the hallmark of Off White, today often avant-garde collections shine with their eclecticism.

Streetwear brands Off White


Brilliant idea or marketing scam? Ideas about the Supreme brand are often very radical. Founded in New York in 1994 by James Jebbia, it focuses on clothes with an aesthetic that is as minimalist as it is bold (yes, that’s possible).

But What made Supreme a worldwide hit is its limited drop strategy. It consists of releasing new products in small quantities and at unexpected times, thus creating a frenzy around its products…whose prices are often more than reasonable!

Supreme’s pieces are often marked with the brand’s logo, a red crest on a white background. The New York label is now considered one of the most prestigious and sought-after brands in the streetwear fashion world, synonymous with exclusivity, innovation and… marketing genius.

High Streetwear Brands

tea maker

We conclude this review of streetwear brands that can be described as follows “small brand on the rise”. Founded in 2015, Tealer is a French brand that is becoming increasingly popular in France and abroad.

If it is known for its aesthetics inspired by the 90s, board sports, music or even manga, in 2020 it does not hesitate to explore new horizons, such as its collaboration with the computer brand Asus.

Streetwear brands Tealer

You’re used to it, this list isn’t exhaustive, especially since new streetwear brands appear regularly. BALR., Visionnaire (created by BigFlo and Oli), M+RC Noir are names to know when you love street fashion, not forgetting the label Urban Outfitters. So what’s the best streetwear brand for you right now?

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