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In just over ten years, there has been a revolution in blockchain technology extremely rapid growth. through Bitcoin of course, but also and above all, finance, art, certification, data protection, smart contracts, video games, etc. due to its specific applications in various fields such as An explosion of opportunities today, struggling to find the workforce needed for high skill demands. This is where it comes in Alyra, training organization dedicated to this growing ecosystem. How about going back to school?

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Alyra.

Good resolution 2023? Learn about Blockchain!

As birds of ill omen repeatedly bet on the imminent disappearance of cryptocurrencies, many French professionals in the sector wanted to offer. full educational path and affirms to respond to the challenges that blockchain technology has presented since its inception. Established in 2019, Alira school is already an official organization.

Indeed, Alyra is officially supported many institutional partners As the Ile-de-France region and for most of the training offered, it meets the prerequisites for support by the CPF. Its diverse educational pathways aim to cover a wide range of skills sought by the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. An approach that aims to be comprehensive, effective and adapt to the reality of the evolving labor market in the sector.

The next “Satoshi” session starts on January 23

Thus, relying on a network of expert speakers in the sector, Alyra was able to develop an offer to train students and then integrate professionally into the French blockchain/crypto job market, which has been in high tension for over a year. . In effect, 90% of trainees work in this universe within 6 months after their certification.

In this session on January 23rd, Alyra offers 3 specific training programs with broad and relevant goals that will be delivered 100% remotely over 12 weeks.Satoshi“:

  • Blockchain Advisor: Requires no prerequisites. Here you will dive into the heart of blockchain, reviewing its history, evolution, and use cases such as DeFi or governance. a training that gives a 360° view of the ecosystem which combines theory and practice and enables learners to support organizations in their transition to blockchain, as well as enable the necessary leverage for the success of projects involving this technology.
  • Decentralized Finance: Requires no prerequisites. Indeed, you will begin to work on global issues decentralization and its impact on the traditional financial sector. Then soon the topics will become more specific. All features related to decentralized finance will be thoroughly explored. Loan/debt, liquidity poolssynthetic assets, exotic NFTs, farming, none of these fields will hold any secrets for you.
  • Developer: Requires prerequisites in code and development (RS5000). The first weeks focus on understanding the technology. And more precisely, about the activity of the Ethereum network. Next comes learning the Solidity language, using development tools such as Truffle, HardHat, Remix, Metamask… Finally, you will learn to write and test your own smart contract. Required skill Mastering development issues in the context of DeFi and NFT.
DeFi is one of the main aspects covered by Alyra’s training

Alyra, a multi-tool at the service of blockchain enthusiasts

Alyra regularly organizes webinars for people to discover her work and the opportunities her training offers. Here are the next dates:

– DeFi Monday, January 16, 2023 at 6:30 pm. This meeting will specifically target the Satoshi session that opens on January 23rd. Attention, do not delay registration, you only have until January 19 at 11:59 p.m. If you still have questions before getting started, don’t miss out.

– Blockchain Developer on Tuesday, January 17 at 6:30 p.m. In this meeting, the expectations and prerequisites of the training will be discussed more specifically. It aims to help you master the development tools specific to blockchain technology. This is to enable you create smart contracts and other decentralized applications, for you or for projects seeking this particular skill.

– Blockchain Advisor on Wednesday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m. On this occasion, the focus of the discussion will be primarily on the entrepreneurial aspect. The speakers will make you discover a training in step with the developing economic sector. They will address use cases, law, tokenomics, and a wide range of topics everything that can be useful for a specialist in the blockchain economy.

The lack of common knowledge on all these topics has allowed Alyra to take a reference position in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency education in France. Indeed, a large number of professionals are expected in various sectors of this emerging economy so that companies can implement the ambitious projects envisioned around this disruptive technology. A concrete professional opportunity for those who believe in the creation of a decentralized and secure global system. Will you participate in the revolution?

Questions? Request a meeting with the team via the link below.

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