New features from Apple that will make life easier on the iPhone this fall

Something new is coming to iPhone soon. On June 6, Apple presented the future evolution of the operating system of its flagship smartphone. Available after the launch of new iPhones this fall, the iOS 16 update will be offered to all iPhones from the 8th model introduced in 2017.

The new features announced at WWDC won’t disrupt the iPhone too much. They come to improve the phone’s software and interface on a daily basis with tools that promise to be more practical and enable users. to further customize their devices.

Here’s a look at these developments that are expected to significantly improve the everyday iPhone experience in the coming months.

Dynamic notifications

In addition to the deep customization of the lock screen, another innovation promises to change the attitude of iPhone users towards a blank smartphone screen. Apple announced that with iOS 16 it will be possible to display interactive notifications at the bottom of the lock screen, “Live Activities”.

Unlike the usual alerts displayed at the top of the screen, these will be dynamic and may indicate, for example, the approximate waiting time for food delivery or the arrival of a taxi driver.

Dynamic notifications come to your iPhone

Credit: Apple

The list of compatible apps has not yet been announced, but Apple has also mentioned the ability to follow the live evolution of the score of the sports meeting. This feature will not be available at the launch of the update, but will be offered later in the year.

Special modes for concentration

Apple has also improved Focus to help customers focus better by determining which apps and content are allowed to display depending on the context to eliminate distractions at work or at home. The iOS 16 update introduces a “focus filters” system to select preset profiles as needed and quickly change them throughout the day.

iPhone will offer concentration filters

iPhone will offer concentration filters

Credit: Apple

Editing or changing a tweet sent too soon

This function was met with great interest by iPhone users. Like WhatsApp or Messenger, Apple will allow users of the Messages app edit or delete the message misspelled or sent by mistake without the recipient’s knowledge. Only condition: the latter has not read it, otherwise he will be notified. Otherwise, the sender has fifteen minutes to continue or cancel the transmission. This will be possible add a tag to the message then thinking about answering.

iPhone will let you edit the message later

iPhone will let you edit the message later

Credit: Apple

Show WiFi code for easier sharing

Usually, the Wi-Fi code appears as a series of dots or stars for security and privacy reasons, just like passwords. In fact, it is currently impossible to “get” an already registered Wi-Fi code, because the latter is never legible. This will no longer be the case in iOS 16.

With iOS 16, this will be possible Specify the Wi-Fi code in full when you want to connect to the network. To restore it, you need to go to the Wi-Fi section of Settings. There you will see a new option dedicated to passwords. This rather discreet addition can save you a lot of time sharing those laborious passwords.

Dictate a message more easily

Now, when dictating a message on iPhone, you have to pause and switch to keyboard mode to correct a misunderstanding or punctuation error. With iOS 16, the keyboard will automatically appear while speaking to make it easier to edit text. The smartphone will also handle adding punctuation marks.

iPhone will automatically mark dictated messages

iPhone will automatically mark dictated messages

Credit: Apple

Automatic detection of duplicate photos

Apple is also improving iPhone photo album functionality under iOS 16. The update should automatically detect stored duplicate images to categorize them into a specific album and allow the user to quickly delete them to free up storage space. Another innovation announced on Tuesday, the “Hidden” photo album, which contains deleted photos, will now be protected by the iPhone’s passcode or conventional authentication systems.

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