Rising energy prices: the state helps companies, who has what rights in the Vendée?

The prefect of the Vendée brought together the actors of the local economy on Thursday, January 12, to reject the various state aid linked to the increase in energy costs. ©Lucile AKRICH

Thursday, January 12, 2023 Gerard Gavory, Prefect of Vendée, presented the various measures implemented by the government to support businesses in the face of rising energy prices.

“An exceptional effort aimed at reaching all companies, easy to achieve,” notes the prefect.

There is a Vendée department 53,000 enterprises, 94% of which are VSEs, very small enterprises with fewer than ten employees and a turnover of less than 2 million euros.

Four devices are available depending on the size of the company, payments and type of subscription to energy suppliers.

Tariff shield

This cover is intended limit electricity price increases from 1 to 15%er February 2023. Until now, it was set at 4%.

It is estimated that this cap would prevent a 120% increase in energy bills for VSEs.

Magali Girard, Crisis Recovery Adviser at the Vendée Public Finance Department.

the tariff shield available to VSEs (very small enterprises) with a meter capacity equal to or less than 36 KvA (kilovoltamperes).

To claim it, all you need to do is fill out the compliance certificate available on the tax website and send it “as soon as possible” to your electricity supplier, who will apply the discount directly to the bill.

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Guaranteed price

After tough negotiations with electricity suppliers, the government has obtained a guarantee that the price of electricity for VSEs will not exceed €280/MW on average in 2023..

This guaranteed rate applies from January 2023 to December 31, 2023.

This price is intended for VSEs who have renewed their electricity supply contract in the second half of 2022 and do not benefit from the regulated tariff.

Alfred Fuentesdirector of public finance, gives rise to very different and sometimes “explosive” situations, like the case of this baker who saw his contract go from “50 to 697 € / Mwh in 2022! »

To take advantage of this, you must complete the same compliance certificate to send to your energy supplier.

Electric damper

Designed for this device VSEs and SMEs with fewer than 250 employees, to companies that do not qualify for the tariff shield.

There should be an electricity meter More than 36 kVA power.

The shock absorber can be combined with other assistants.

To take advantage of this, your energy supplier must be certified.

Gas/light help desk

This device is primarily intended for large companies and medium-sized companies (ETI) however, some VSEs and SMEs, which have been hit hard by the power surge, may also benefit.

Can be combined with a shock absorber.

“This system, which was complex before the summer of 2022, has been simplified since September. It is easily accessible,” assures the prefect.

This aid applies to companies that consume a lot of energy due to their production activities.

Magali Girard, Crisis Recovery Advisor at Public Finance

This assistance can be up to 150 million euros.

To benefit from this, you must have suffered a 50% increase in the energy tariff, and energy costs account for more than 3% of the company’s turnover.

State funding is required for this mechanism checks must be provided in the professional field on the tax website.

Go to the tax website for simulation.

Who to contact? To help business leaders, the Vendée State Finance Department has three post-crisis advisers: Magali Girard (02 51 36 58 09), Natacha Fauvelet (02 51 36 52 70) and Franck Ledergerber (02 51 36 58 06) or by email : [email protected]

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