The interview. Carole Delga wants a “railway Airbus” and believes “Occitania will have a card to play”.

The president of the region (PS), Carole Delga, believes that the railway called Toulouse and more Occitanie will have “a card to play” in the future Airbus. (¬© TC / News Toulouse)

early January Carole Delga called for its creation European railway giant, on an Airbus model, the international aeronautics and space flagship with world headquarters in the Pink City. in an interview Toulouse newsThe President of the Occitanie Region (PS) returns to this proposal to see it emerge “Railway Airbus”. The interview.

“Such a dynamic around aeronautics in the 1970s”

News: “Railway Airbus”, what exactly is it?

Carol Delga: “This is an industrial project and a common destiny. I propose to launch a speaker comparable to the well-known speaker in Occitania, which began in the 1970s in Europe and France in the field of aeronautics. World leader in the sector and training to involve our country and the European Union in a real railway revolution we are betting on it to structure and federate an entire ecosystem, from manufacturing to research and development. Undeniably in the context of the climate. The logical next step is to manufacture and repair the necessary equipment. And escort the aging fleet to the exit of diesel trains. With a strong focus on innovation.” .

I am thinking in particular of carbon-free trains such as battery-powered, hybrid and even hydrogen-powered trains, the development of which the Region supports and finances. A hydrogen train will run for the first time in France between Montr√©jeau and Luxon in 2024/2025. This is a very good example of European cooperation, because the motorization is intended for the Alstom plants of Germany, which produce this train of the future in Tarbes.”

Carole DelgaPresident of the Occitania Region (PS).

What will be the advantages of “Railway Airbus”?

CDs: “Obviously, we tick all the boxes: employment, innovation, training, environmental transition. We still have strong competitiveness in Europe in terms of engineering and design know-how, it’s an opportunity to accelerate, reinvent ourselves, collaborate better , because the competition is fully expanding, especially from China. This is the price of our sovereignty.”

“I invite the government to make strong and ambitious commitments, to invest the necessary funds in our infrastructure and industrial capacity from today. This is part of environmental planning. I will meet with the prime minister soon, j. the opportunity to defend this project.”

Carole Delga

“Certainly Occitania will have a card to play”

Did this idea just germinate, or was it the result of long deliberations with other French and European actors and why not?

CDs: “This is not a new idea, but I think the time has come. Our industrialists are at their maximum production capacity in the current framework; unlike the already unified Chinese, they are facing fratricide in international markets. “.

“If we don’t act today, in 10 or 15 years we won’t have enough trains to meet our climate goals, and we’ll pay the price.”

Carole Delga

Can Occitania accommodate this “Rail Airbus”?

CDs: “It is too early to talk about the location, there will be many and we are not starting from conflict areas. I remind you that the issue is on a European scale. Of course, Occitania will have a card to play. Airbus and a few. Railway flagships such as Alstom, Safra or CAF and already Totem the rich structure of SMEs built in the cluster, we have the know-how to be the driving force behind this history is tomorrow.”

Collected by Thibaut Calatayud with Guillaume Laurens

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