Emmanuel Macron announced new arms deliveries

SITUATION UPDATE – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is expected to make his first international visit to Washington this Wednesday after the occupation.

Vladimir Zelensky is expected in the United States on Wednesday, the threat from Belarus will increase, the strengthening of relations between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko… Le Figaro this Tuesday, December 20 provides updates on the war in Ukraine.

Zelensky is going to meet Joe Biden in Washington on Wednesday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to make his first international trip since the outbreak of war on February 24 in Washington on Wednesday, several US media reported on Tuesday, where he may address Congress and meet with Joe Biden at the White House. In a letter Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “encourages” MPs should be “physically available” for the Tuesday session “Especially committed to democracy”. The visit comes as US lawmakers prepare to vote on a massive new aid package for Ukraine if approved. The American president, in turn, should give the green light to the sending of Patriot missiles, a particularly sophisticated anti-aircraft defense system, to Ukraine.

New arms supply from France to Ukraine

France recently supplied missile launchers and Crotale missile batteries to Ukraine and will continue supplying weapons in early 2023, Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with TF1 and LCI broadcasts on Tuesday. “France has delivered more weapons, rocket launchers, Crotales, equipment than we have seen in recent days”– said the French president from the “Charles de Gaulle” aircraft carrier near Egypt. “We are also working with the Minister of Armed Forces (Sébastien Lecornu) to deliver useful weapons and ammunition again in the first quarter so that the Ukrainians can protect themselves from the bombings.” added the head of state, who is visiting Jordan for a regional summit on Tuesday.

New Caesar weapons are among the planned deliveries. Emmanuel Macron has not advanced any figures that show this “It depends on the discussions” Continuing with Denmark. Since the beginning of the conflict in February, France has introduced 18 155 mm Caesar guns with a range of 40 km, especially mounted on trucks, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as forward armored vehicles (VAB). Paris now plans to supply Kiev with 6-12 additional Caesar weapons taken from the order for Denmark. The World Bank (WB) also announced on Tuesday that it will allocate an additional 610 million dollars to Ukraine. “Addressing the most urgent needs” health issue.

Putin recognizes the “extremely difficult” situation in the territories under Russian control

On Tuesday, December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the situation “extremely difficultIn four regions in the south and east of Ukraine, which Moscow claims to have annexed without completely conquering. He spoke in a video aimed at employees of the Security Services (FSB), Foreign Intelligence (SVR) and the Protection of Senior Officials (FSO) who celebrate their holidays every year.professional partyDecember 20 in Russia.

Vladimir Putin highly appreciated the activities of the employees of the Russian security service.New regions of Russia“to ensure that”people living there, citizens of Russia“depends”defenseof these services. The head of the Kremlin, himself a former agent of the Soviet secret service (KGB), “maximum concentration» counter-intelligence services. “It is necessary to strictly suppress the actions of foreign secret services, to effectively detect traitors, spies and subversives.“Vladimir Putin said.

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Zelensky in Bakhmut, a hot spot on the front in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visited the city of Bakhmut in the east of the country on Tuesday, which has been devastated by fierce battles with Russian forces, who have been trying to capture it since the summer and are currently the hot spot on the front. The Ukrainian president’s unexpected visit, closer to the conflict, also challenges his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who has presented decorations to soldiers and pro-Russian separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine at the Kremlin. Head of state of Ukraine “He met and talked with the soldiers” The press service of the president said on the spot without giving further details.

In a video broadcast by the Ukrainian state channel “Azadlig”, he took a photo with soldiers in a building and gave them medals. “Here in Donbass, you are protecting all of Ukraine. This is not only Bakhmut, but Bakhmut Castle”, he threw himself at the soldiers. Volodymyr Zelensky was many times near the front, for example in Kherson in mid-November. This trip seems to Bakhmut to be the most risky of his trips, because the Russian troops are at the gates of this city. Moscow troops have been trying to capture it since the summer, especially with the help of mercenaries from the Wagner paramilitary group.

Washington says the Russian government is divided over the winter offensive

Russian leaders are at odds over whether to launch a major winter offensive in Ukraine, a senior US official said Tuesday. “I think we have different views”– said a high-ranking official, who did not want to be named, while talking about ongoing discussions within the Russian government. “Obviously, I think there are those who are in favor of continuing the offensive in Ukraine. There are those who have real questions about Russia’s ability to do this.”, he said. According to the Kremlin, the US official’s announcement comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to outline his military’s goals for 2023 during a meeting with senior military officials on Wednesday.

At the same time, a high-ranking officer of the Ukrainian army, Lieutenant General Serguiï Naïev, “claimed to have seen”increased threat levelAs in the early days of the conflict, which began in February, a potential Russian attack from neighboring Belarus. According to him, currently in Russia “There is enough potential to threaten Ukraine and take tactical measuresFrom the northern border of Belarus. “We are also taking adequate measuresincluding sending new forces to the border, he added on Facebook.

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Putin-Lukashenko meeting is a political “dance” for Ukraine

Ukraine’s foreign minister on Tuesday played down the importance of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian ally Alexander Lukashenko the day before, despite fears of an attack from Belarusian territory. “The meeting between Putin and Lukashenko is a new “dance”” politics, Dmitry Kouleba said during the press conference. guessed “No critical decisions were taken at this meeting” While ensuring that Ukraine “ready” to any scenario.

During this interview, the Russian president assured that Russia does not intend to conquer Belarus. However, he disclosed the agreement reached by the two leaders during these negotiations.importantstrengthen cooperation in the fieldall domainsespecially in the defense sector. These are “general measures to ensure safetyof both countriesmutual arms supply“, as well as joint production of weapons,” Vladimir Putin said.

German President Xi Jinping called on Putin to use his influence

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Chinese President Xi Jinping by phone.to use the influenceAbout Vladimir Putinthe endIn a statement from the German presidency, the war in Ukraine. “Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called today (…) Chinese President Xi Jinping by telephone. The President stressed that China and Europe have a common interest in ending the war. He asked Xi Jinping to use his influence on Russia and to act in this direction with Putin“, says the press release.

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