▷ Freelancing? How to find customers on Instagram?

With more than 2 billion monthly users on Instagram, this platform is one of the most used social networks in the world, the perfect hunting ground for freelancers looking for new clients. But how do you actually attract prospects through Instagram?

Why I chose Instagram for my business?

The choice of this social network, which was acquired by Meta in 2012, as an intelligence tool is due to the fact that it is mainly based on visual images. Unlike other platforms, it emphasizes visual content, a strategy that attracts millions of users every year. Photos, videos, stories, these are the 3 ingredients that make Instagram attractive to both professionals and individuals.

Through storytelling or classic writing, you can easily reach your audience who could be customers or new prospects. In addition, Instagram offers a real opportunity to constantly listen to its community and stand out from the competition.

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Start by upgrading your profile

When a user visits your profile, they will naturally judge you by your content. Your bio is one of the first things he will see, so make it clear and provide basic information: profession, services offered, values, location, etc. The goal is to get to know you easily and quickly to the visitor. Therefore, your bio should neither be too long nor too detailed.

Remember, the visual is one of the main points and the first guarantee of the quality of your Instagram profile. So use a good camera (a smartphone will do) that can produce professional and quality images. Next, you’ll need to choose a profile picture that will allow you to be easily recognized and decorate your feed with other photos.

Opt for a professional account

Already on Instagram and have a personal account? That’s good enough, but not enough. Switch to pro mode to use more features.

One of the main advantages, for example, is to include a professional category in your profile in addition to information about your company (email address, website, location, etc.). It will also allow you to get detailed statistics about your posts, stories and audience profile analysis so you know what content works best.

Stay active

As simple as it may seem, it is important to be active in your account. The reason is simple: Instagram’s algorithm highlights you based on your activity level. So, the more active you are, the better your publications look.

How to do?

  • Post content regularly;
  • Comment on publications relevant to your field of activity;
  • Like posts from accounts you follow;
  • Connect with the stories you watch.

Improve your visuals

We can never say this enough, but Instagram is a visual-first social network. Focus on the quality of your content, both visually and textually. Avoid low-quality, blurry or pixelated photos.

Always remember that these photos will be used to make your feed attractive or not, which is the basis of your success on Instagram.

Always show yourself in the story

Static posts have long been considered the best way to retain subscribers. But these contents, which are in the format of stories and portraits, last for a maximum of 24 hours, overturned everything. Indeed, they create a unique connection with your subscribers and allow them to communicate directly with you. Stories also promote your account’s visibility.

Showing your face and reaching out to your followers is also a good way to interact if you want. You can, for example, share your experience, news, conduct a survey, announce news about your company. Being more present on Instagram and thereby giving your potential customer time to get to know you better.

Work with local influencers

Working with local influencers is a powerful way to build your presence in the community and reach a relevant audience. But influencer marketing is an art, as evidenced in this white paper outlining the 10 influencer marketing trends of 2023. Develop a strategy that fits your business, then find and approach local influencers to collaborate with. Work together to find a concept that works for both of you, then do all the work for better results.

The right hashtags can get you noticed. Your target audience should have interests related to your brand and/or industry. It also means they will use or follow industry-specific hashtags. So include this in your publications regularly. In addition to your regular posts on Instagram, don’t forget to tag your stories with the right hashtags to get more visibility and get more prospects and customers.

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