Charline Berthe: “Inheritance is not just a matter for the elite”

Charline Berthe, recently expat in Barcelona, ​​joins Crystal Finance to offer wealth management support to the French expat community. Press release.

Recently celebrating 30 years of experience and prosperous expansion by acquiring a number of firms in the same field, including fintech, Crystal Finance has risen to a leading position in the world of international wealth management. . The Crystal Finance Iberia branch in Spain is following suit by integrating a new person into its team to meet growing demands.

Foreign consultant for expatriates

Hailing from Tahiti, Charlene earned a degree in heritage engineering and international law from the University of Toulouse in the pink city. In order to strengthen his professional career, he continued his education in this field at the offices located in French Polynesia before joining the Crystal group head office. This internal track allows him to have a 360° view of the business as he crosses multiple departments such as finance, customer relations, regulations and asset engineering. “This training brought me a lot in terms of business understanding, customer approach, financial and asset strategies. On the one hand, I understand the feelings of these French people, who feel lost abroad with different civil and tax laws, having been in exile several times. On the other hand, the philosophy of this business impresses me, especially the closeness we can maintain with the client and our help to ensure his condition. My work also allows me to support clients with real close relationships in many life projects. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work in Barcelona!“he admits.

From the age of 26, he tells us that he is young”does not exclude its jurisdiction“. On the contrary, “we have a lot of energy to help and satisfy our customers the way we want to be. This relationship, built over time and based on mutual trust, allows us to think about tailor-made heritage architectures. In addition, it is interesting to work with different age groups, because each client brings their own life projects to life. We prepare for restructuring and retirement through legacy transfer, development and optimization, as well as legacy building for the youngest. Heritage, contrary to what one might think, is not just a matter for the elite. All great legacies had a starting point“.

Crystal Finance’s uniqueness is its independence, which gives it the advantage of offering any type of investment tailored to everyone’s risk aversion, funds and projects.

Democratization of finance through social networks

For several years now, a wave of trainers and advisors has disguised the “global approach to wealth” advocated by wealth management advisors in their client approach. This method is characterized by an in-depth civil, tax and financial analysis of a given situation in order to offer recommendations tailored to all the client’s information. A step that is too easily swept away”product sellers and online training,” adds Charline. “As CGP, I encourage people who want to invest to turn to experienced advisors and take advantage of significant internal resources. A large number of investment neophytes are attracted by the lure of profits promised by viral videos on social networks, the risks associated with the loss of capital and the applicable taxes in case of income, especially in the context of expatriation. . Without forgetting the transparency of information and the independence of advice, which is fundamental to understanding the performance of the product.“.

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