Go Cadres is mobilizing against unemployment among the elderly

Fifty years later, at the peak of their experience, the French road to retirement looks like a black trail. According to estimates, 40% of insured persons between the ages of 50 and 67 find themselves in some kind of gray zone for at least one year: neither in work nor in retirement. And for those experiencing unemployment, it has been increasing over time since 2018, with 60% of over-55s unemployed years was long-term compared to 42% for the population as a whole.

Behind these figures are sometimes very difficult social situations. ” When you’re young, you’re more or less in control. We need less, we can sleep with the one we love. But at the age of fifty, you often have debts, a house, a family… When an elderly person becomes unemployed, his whole family suffers, and this creates tragedies: debts, separations, deterioration of health, damage, psychological suffering…»Jean-Marc describes Rodriguez, who knows the subject well.

Shared address book

A business manager in industry and aeronautics, he found himself out of a job in 2016 when his company was liquidated. He was then over fifty years old.

Attending a workshop presented by service provider Pôle Emploi, she met dozens of people – executive and similar profiles – including looking for work most of themeniors. Among them, Olivier Beyer, Commercial Director. Tor two they tell themselves that the workshops they attend, for example, certainly have their merits, but lack a key ingredient: networking. ” So we decided to create an association to help everyone find a job by developing a network of companies “. This is how they knock on the door of the main competition clusters of the area, representatives of employers, groups of companies from different areas of Marseille. ” They welcomed us because they were interested in employment issues “.

The association initially had ten members of the Pôle Emploi workshop. They continue to meet regularly for good times when everyone appreciates their situation and helps each other, each using their skills and networks for the benefit of all. Then the other members cling to this rope. So, the union currently has 90 members, leaders and the like many mainly seniors whose membership keeps the structure alive. The association also works to provide support and advice to the wider community by participating in numerous events.

In 2022, it reached 80 membersetc find paid work or self-employment. “ Sometimes companies fear CDI for such profiles. So, freelancing can be the solution “. I mean en as a wage porter or self-employed, but the latter status offers less security in terms of pension rights and is moree social protection.

Impact of pension reforms

These good results motivate the association to go further. Especially the lowering of the retirement age is not good news for the association community. ” we take risks finding ourselves with more and more unemployed seniors “, worries Jean-Marc Rodríguez. Hence the desire to act more strongly on this subject through an action program called Focus Seniors, based on three axes.

The first is to strengthen support measures already in place for unemployed senior executives. ” We will improve our resource by relying on employment players “. A cooperation agreement has been signed with Apec. Another should be with Pôle Emploi.

The second arrow refers to the network created by Go Cadres. The association wants to expand its network and strengthen its relations. ” We must continue to integrate everything that has been done “. Communication measures aimed at companies are also planned.” We will try to make companies aware of this issue and show them how they can trust high-level profiles, including salary-carrying missions. “.

Discussions were also held with the UPE13 East company about companies that are looking for buyers and where seniors could be good candidates. ” we try itlet’s offer solutions that solve several problems at the same time “. As a matter of knowledge transfer in the company: ” Older people have a lot to teach young people. They can motivate them by sharing their love for work “. And since the problems of unemployed senior executives are similar in several ways to those of non-executives, links have been established with the Plie (Local Plan for Integration and Employment) MP Est in La Ciotat.

“A lot has been done for the young, but not for the old”

Because it is important to move forward together association WHO hopes to be better heard by government authorities. “ We think about what we can do to help the elderly. In Europe, we are among the worst at hiring people over 50 “. Undoubtedly, it is the result of the early retirement policy implemented in the 1980s, which, although it has been gradually abandoned, has left its mark. ” Much has been done for the young, but not for the old “.

Jean-Marc Rodriguez hopes thatthere is the pension reform will be completed with measures in favor of this group. ” Government agencies will be fine there iscaused him to ask questions and take action “. But the presentation of the bill by Elisabeth Borne left him hungry. ” He spoke of a high-level index ” a system that would force large companies to publish the percentage of people at the end of their careers among their workforceetc, “But I fear that this measure will be poorly received by companies, very punishing “.

His eye is now on the France Travail report due to be submitted to the Labor Minister at the end of January. Olivier Dussopt, for rstraight issue employment support system. Will there be special attention for the elderly? It’s hard to say. We wait to see what comes out of it and see how we can position ourselves depending on it “.