Hanshow Introduces Next-Generation Protocol and Quad-Color Electronic Gondola Tags at NRF 2023

NEW YORK–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Hanshow participated in the 2023 edition of the world’s largest retail event, the NRF (National Retail Federation). This year, Hanshow introduced a new generation of Low Power High Density Cellular Network (HiLPC) protocol and also four color Electronic Gondola Tags (EEG). Thus, Hanshow strengthens its hardware and software capabilities and now offers more advanced solutions and services to facilitate the digital transformation of its customers in the retail sector.

Performance that goes beyond just “speed”.

Hanshow already provides high-quality electronic shelf labels globally, but these state-of-the-art solutions are further enhanced with Hanshow’s next-generation Low Power High Density Cell (HiLPC) network. Thanks to the innovative architecture of the HiLPC system, the communication speed of electronic shelf labels has been significantly increased. Indeed, the refresh rate can exceed 60,000 units/hour per EEG controller, making setup and shutdown faster and easier. The very high throughput of the HiLPC system enables tens of millions of devices to be updated in minutes, allowing customers to experience a whole new experience of real-time EEG services and improve their store management skills. .

By improving this protocol, Hanshow’s EEG solution enables batch, timed and synchronized task updates in a shop, managing errors down to milliseconds. It is also capable of synchronizing dynamic price changes, online and even offline precise synchronization and product position tracking, greatly improving the operational efficiency of stores.

The next-generation HiLPC network enables electronic shelf labels to be updated on the go, opening up new industrial uses. It also supports flashing LED lights for any quantity of selected products to help workers quickly locate the goods to be sorted. It supports dynamic network resource allocation used in conjunction with Wi-Fi technology, resolving network mismatch issues. In addition, the next-generation protocol in combination with EEG controllers and financial industry security chips provides the best possible solution for data protection.

More and more avant-garde and sustainable solutions

Hanshow also introduced a line of four-color electronic gondola labels that support black, white, red and yellow displays in any combination, expanding digital signage capabilities for retailers. Refresh and flash speeds have been significantly improved over previous models, especially in conjunction with the next-generation HiLPC network.

In addition to its advancement in digital displays, Hanshow has focused on developing high-precision solutions for the specific requirements of industrial sectors. Hanshow’s DIY heat detector and EEG solutions are designed to help retailers meet specific requirements for temperature monitoring and automatic temperature change notification, as well as to solve compatibility issues related to the use of products in DIY stores and other types of commerce.

For years, Hanshow has continuously innovated based on the needs of its customers and strives to enable its customers to improve their businesses to achieve operational efficiency. The next-generation HiLPC array and four-color EEGs achieve this goal by dramatically reducing the energy consumption and paper materials needed to run a physical store. In the future, Hanshow will continue to develop innovative digital technology to fully support customers in their digital transformation and create a green, forward-thinking and sustainable new digital experience for the industry.

About Hanshow

Hanshow is a global leader in the development and manufacture of electronic gondola tags and digital store solutions, providing customers around the world with a range of world-class customized IoT touch points and digital store solutions that provide customer-centric information. Available in more than 30,000 stores in more than 50 countries, Hanshow helps retailers streamline operations, optimize pricing strategies, and offer consumers a more personalized experience. For more information, visit www.hanshow.com

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