Hockey France South Africa 2-1 World Cup

Victor Charlet (Calais here) scores 2 French goals (photo archive JMD/Sports5962)

France beat South Africa 2-1 on Monday in the second pool match of the Men’s Field Hockey World Cup in India. The draw owes a lot to Cambrai goalkeeper Arthur Tiffry, who made several crucial saves, and captain Victor Charlet, who scored two goals. Thus, “Blues” take the option of qualifying for the 1/8 finals.

The French men’s team is currently participating in their 4th consecutive World Cup in India. Proof that France is advancing in the world hierarchy in this Olympic collective sport. A quarter-finalist in the last edition, the tricolor selection carries a strong northern imprint. national coach, Frederick Be, is really Valenciennes. The team has five native northerners in its workforce: captain Victor Charlotte, originally from Lille; Lille MHC player Victor Lockwood, a resident of Calais; guardian Arthur Tiffrey of Cambrai; A young man from Lille Brieuc Delemazure and Lambersartois Etienne Tynevez.

They were all in Calais this summer, where they competed in the qualifiers for the next European Championship. Good luck. But this time, with this World Cup representing the pinnacle, the bar is set higher with the Olympic Games. The French team, which qualified directly for the next Olympic Games to be held in Paris, improved its training in India after a long flight.

Northerners Frédéric Be and Brieuc Delemazure talk about this World Cup as they arrive in India.

A loss against Australia to start with

Facing a favorite in the World Cup is not a gift. The Blues learned that the hard way in the first game on Friday. Heavy defeat against Australia, the first national team of the world (0-8).

Despite this correction against the Australian ogre, France (12th in the world in hockey) managed to focus on the next match against South Africa (14th in the world) in Bhubaneswar. As the first three of the group qualified, qualification to the 1/8 finals remained possible. But for this it was necessary to defeat the South Africans at any cost.

Australia v France recap on L’

This high-level meeting was very close. The tension was maximum in the last minutes. France took a 2-1 lead with 35 seconds remaining thanks to two penalty kicks (PC) scored by the northern captain. Victor Charlotte. In the second 4th part, he scored 3’25 from the end. The right moment… But South Africa then got a penalty kick. Again, Charlet stops the opposing shooter by going very fast.

Earlier, Arthur Tiffrey The goal made several decisive saves against South Africa’s forced. So the blues got this win (2-1) at the end of the doubt, especially thanks to the northern players.

The next meeting with Argentina

Blues 7 Penalty Corners (PC), South Africa 5. They have entered the circle 24 times, South Africa 16 times.

Victor Charlotte logically he was chosen as the man of the match. As he received the trophy, the former Lille MHC and Wattignies player admitted his satisfaction (in English) after this decisive success. He immediately directed himself to continue. “Now we will face Argentina. We are aiming for a win, which will allow us to reach the round of 16. »

This 3rd and final pool match will be played on Thursday morning (10:30 France time) against Argentina, the 7th country in the world. Another big piece… But the French will be able to play more freely after this success against South Africa.

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