Terror of Hemasaurus (Nintendo Switch) – Test

In the very distant past, in 1986, the first The Legend of Zelda Appearing on the Famicon Disc System, another game destroyed arcade machines: to exult. Here you can play as three terrifying monsters whose mission is to destroy an entire city.

Thirty-seven years later, an independent Finnish developer named Loren Lemcke decides to take over the main lines. to exult to offer us Terror of the Hemasaurus. Launching on January 12th on the Nintendo Switch for fifteen euros, will it be able to make us roar with pleasure?

Before starting the test, we would like to point out that the game does not offer any French translation. An intermediate/good level of English is required to play Terror of Hemasaurus.

Grodzilla! Grodzilla! Grodzilla!

Earth is in danger! While global warming is gradually degrading our beautiful planet, the rich continue to get richer by taking advantage of our inaction. Unfortunately for us, Hemasaurus, a godzilla-like monster, is released by the melting ice.

For years, practitioners of the lizard sect have been waiting for the arrival of the sacred beast, which will violently desensitize the earth to the ecological disaster unfolding before our eyes. It’s up to us, the Hemasaurus from the ice, to save the planet by spreading chaos around us.

It is in this absurd and very promising field Terror of the Hemasaurus begins. Our mission, if it’s not already clear enough, is to create as much chaos as possible in the city we find ourselves in. This means that we will have to destroy its buildings and kill its people without sparing anyone, and at the same time we will get rid of the police and army that will try to stop us.

The game is accessible and mastered in less than five minutes, watch it in your hand. “Y” allows you to shoot buildings to collapse them. “X” allows our character to shoot with his foot at everything that comes close to him. There can be people like cars crashing into buildings. With “A” we can completely destroy life while enjoying the few people who will restore it. “B” allows us to jump and crash into a populace that will die instantly with all our Hemasaurus grace.

There are four playable monsters, all of which have a different special power that is activated by “R”. The Hemasaurus uses powerful psychic waves to destroy everything around it, the Clocksloth, a giant sloth, will slow down time, the Autonomous Hemasaurus will fire radio missiles, and the Salamandrah will spit flames.

There are two game modes: story mode and endless mode. The story mode places us in a colorfully absurd story where humor and irony are the keywords. It consists of three chapters where the levels are separated by short cutscenes.

The levels always offer quite different and varied objectives in the idea of ​​chaos and constant destruction. For example, we will have to destroy seventy-five percent of the city, kill a certain number of inhabitants, and also more unusual quests, for example, we will have to be able to destroy buildings of one color without touching others. .

There are also bonus levels where we have to destroy objects as quickly as possible.

Although the mechanics Terror of the Hemasaurus doesn’t update, the game is smart enough to keep a sense of freshness throughout the progression. The addition of silly new challenges (like having to save cute cats and puppies to break the game’s intensity!) or new enemies makes the game enjoyable from start to finish.

A game that asks you to eat cops to save the planet

We had great fun destroying everything in our path, playing Godzilla buffs, and eating cops who tried in vain to get in our way.

the great power of Terror of the Hemasaurus to be completely stupid for nothing is to be a violent game and succeed through stupidity in giving us an intelligent and irreplaceable message about the current environmental disaster.

The story is short, absurd by choice, and we had a lot of fun with this story that didn’t shy away from breaking the fourth wall, seemed to go in any direction, but was nonetheless perfectly constructed. It should be noted that this humor is not to everyone’s taste, and if you are not familiar with the absurd, we recommend that you turn away from this game.

Endless mode allows us to chain levels until we die. While the difficulty isn’t too high, it’s a perfect time for short sessions with your friends.

because yes Terror of the Hemasaurus allowing up to four people to play together! Be it story or endless mode, we can have fun creating chaos with our friends. Although the action is a bit confusing, the simplicity of the game makes it accessible and enjoyable even for beginners.

On the other hand, the story mode seemed a little short to us: it lasts from an hour and a half to two hours. Even if the story is the perfect length to avoid repetition, we feel that the price of fifteen euros is perhaps a bit high for the content on offer.

Another small flaw, of course, is small, but the buttons are sometimes not the most practical on the console. We often get stuck in a building when trying to jump on enemies.

The graphics are charming, a pixel art with a unique touch, and even if the cityscape is the same, we enjoyed “walking” there. The music is also in 8-bit tones, and while not the most exceptional or remarkable, we appreciated its energy.

This console port is very enjoyable, aside from the aforementioned flaw. how we feel Terror of the Hemasaurus It can be a really hassle-free game while traveling where we can have fun while chatting with our friends.

The game doesn’t offer any French translation, and while it would be silly to lose the ubiquitous humor of this title, it’s still accessible without translation.

The result


  • A simple and very accessible game
  • The ideal game for not leading
  • Enjoyable and really fun game
  • A game that manages to be both stupid and smart at the same time
  • Controlled progress so you don’t get bored
  • An absurd story that made us laugh more than once
  • Up to four players can play locally!
  • Perfect game for short sessions with friends
  • An opportunity to save the planet by eating our enemies
  • Very cute cats and kittens
  • Great graphics and soundtrack


  • The price may be a little expensive for the short life
  • Not everyone will like the humor
  • Secondary difficulty
  • Some issues with our monster sticking to buildings too easily
  • No French translation

Record detail

  • Lifetime / Price

  • Gameplay

  • Graphic

  • Soundtrack

  • Humor

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