The Cahors hospital takes care of its image, finances and puts its heart to work by hiring cardiologists.

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The Cahors hospital is revitalized in the way it manages its accounts thanks to a financial system that allows it to better support all services. The director of this hospital center is commenting today on the state’s decision to end the very punitive fee-for-service regime. Pierre Nogrette intends to inject the vitamin into every specialty to improve the well-being of patients and the working conditions of hospital staff. His dual mission. The interview.

At the beginning of the year, the first words of the director of the Cahors hospital, Pierre Nogrette, are the words of a man who is happy that this important care unit is finally being recognized for its fair value at the highest peak of the province. .

“I am pleased to note first of all that the hospital is of great concern to the French and it is the first time that the head of state is aware of it because the head of state is addressing the health professions. France.” Pierre Nogrette is still enthusiastic in his interview with us about a certain renewal in hospital management.

Four main lines of work for 2023

What do you remember and what do you appreciate about the hospital reorganization plan mentioned by President Macron?

The completion of T2A (funding of hospitals according to the nature and volume of activity), the director-physician tandem, the increase in the number of nurses and the need to show more flexibility in managing 35 hours in the hospital. key lines of work where the government and the hospital work together for better patient care, better working conditions for hospital staff. This is a summary, but it is a reality that is meant to be applied. That’s mostly what I remember.

The T2A system was a real hurdle for the hospital. Now we are talking about financing with goals. What will this change?

We adopted the T2A system, which seeks to align the hospital’s budget with its performance, i.e. the number of hospitalizations and procedures. This had a very negative impact on our structure. It was not a good business model.

What is now being proposed is to take what is called funding from T2A for public health purposes. This fits perfectly with the meaning of our mission, as we are responsible for the health of the people of Lot.

In this new spirit, we must, for example, ensure that deliveries are perfectly managed. We have the only maternity hospital in the department in Cahor. With the new plan, we must and will better fund this core mission.

“We need to make our hospital more attractive”

Some specialties were left behind. Will the new financing system allow them to withstand an economic shock when there is less demand?

At the Cahors hospital, there are many specialties that we often provide in the department. Sometimes, some of these disciplines are not profitable enough to be considered profitable. However, they are alive and vital and should be better supported.

I’m glad to know we’ll be better funded overall. We often have practices and structures outside of our actual operations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to. We are here to host them in the best conditions.

We have been able to achieve financial balance, but this may not always be the case in the long term. It is quite variable. The new funding system will allow these services to be maintained and improved.

How to improve the image of the hospital globally and integrate it into the life course of Lotois as a healthy health structure?

We need to make our hospital more attractive. We are challenged by the demographics and sociology of our aging department. We also observe that a part of the population goes to other departments for treatment. It’s about patient leakage.

We have more than 20 specialties, including new ones such as hematology service offerings. We also have two dermatologists. It is thanks to this diversity and the seriousness of our teams that the hospital will establish itself as an ally in every walk of life.

“We need to create regional resonance”

What are your hospital’s strengths and what have you brought to the structure since you took over?

Our strength lies in the quality of care and the number of specialties we have recognized for our teams. Here I would like to mention the surgery of internal organs, rheumatology, urology, maternity, infectious diseases, geriatrics, diabetology, cardiology… We are an institution that supports the hospital group of the area. We are increasingly working in a network with other hospitals in the Lot.

I lead one of the bodies of this group: the Strategic Committee. Again, I insist, the new funding regime will help improve our forces, even if it does not increase activity.

We need to resonate in terms of territory. We have, for example, the only resuscitation service in Cahors, Lot. There is no such service between Montauban and Brive.

“Retain Physicians and Recruit Staff”

This assistance will also allow you to recruit to facilitate and support your teams. What are your needs and intentions in this fundamental area?

In addition to retaining doctors, our daily job is to hire hospital staff: nurses, nursing assistants. Maintaining a quality care offering is what drives us every day. The tandem of directors and doctors has been strengthened. We are in constant dialogue.

With a little good will, consensus can be found on all topics. This is also what we are trying to do in terms of social dialogue with trade unions, health groups and managers. It doesn’t work every day, but my door is always open. We want to be reactive to prevent problems from piling up.

Our main challenge right now is the nursing workforce. To date, we have almost no more vacant medical posts, we need to emphasize this effect, but also to recruit and retain nurses. President Macron said that the number of nurses in training will increase. We need to take advantage of this momentum and sweep in front of our door by being able to recruit again.

Installing a new doctor is a chance. How do you help him in his steps?

We are lucky to be a small business. Therefore, we can hand sew to help the doctor who wants to settle down. We welcome him as best as possible, help him to find a place to live, and try to find solutions for each case. Our human dimensions allow us to offer this special treatment. And it works pretty well!

Maintaining quality of life and health care provision in the workplace: priorities revealed

Finally, how do you define your role and priorities with your healthcare teams?

My responsibility is to ensure that we have a good quality of life in the workplace so that our agents want to come to work. In the past, the main mission of a hospital manager was to respect the budget. It was a financial habit.

Today we are talking about quality of life and maintaining care in the workplace. These are the two main goals for me this year 2023. They are very related to each other,

Cardiology puts its heart into the work by hiring a great professor

The final word on services to be created, expanded or to welcome new practitioners. In short, the fate of the hospital in 2023 and beyond…

The care offer is developing in terms of cardiology with the arrival of cardiologists from the University Hospital of Toulouse, including Professor Didier Carrie, cardiologist and dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Toulouse, as well as other cardiologists who will intervene on a weekly basis. Cahors hospital center.

The historical building of the hospital, which is being restored with an investment of 15 million euros, will allow us to increase our places in palliative care services. Finally, we will also establish a dental department there, especially for delicate treatments, especially for disabled patients.

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