The Lawyers’ Club in Morocco will take over FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee

A South African politician known for his opposition to the Kingdom has been invited by the Algerian Football Federation to deliver the opening speech at the opening of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) on Friday evening. Nelson Mandela’s grandson Zwelivelile Mandela has called for war against Morocco to “free Western Sahara from injustice”.

Algerian supporters chanted insulting and hateful racist chants against Morocco and Moroccans.

The Club of Lawyers in Morocco has decided to take over FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee, indeed Mourad Eladditioni, president of the Lawyers in Morocco, explains that it has to do with its status as acting under article 52, paragraph 2 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code:
“Any person or body can bring to the attention of the judicial bodies of FIFA the behavior that they consider contrary to FIFA rules. These claims must be made in writing. »

Me Mourad Eladditioni emphasizes that “Promotion or announcement of political or religious messages or any political or religious action before, during and after the matches is strictly prohibited in the gate or in the immediate vicinity of the stadium and by any means. In accordance with Article 60 of the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations.

Paragraph 2 of that article states that the organizer of the event must cooperate with local security authorities to ensure that supporters do not engage in provocation or aggressive actions in the vicinity of the stadium or in its immediate vicinity. Therefore, in particular, the following are prohibited: verbal provocations and racist behavior, provocative or aggressive slogans. »

The lawyer notes that the Algerian Football Federation is in danger of being expelled by FIFA. The racist and insulting chants of the Algerian supporters defaming Moroccans, as well as the decision of the Algerian authorities to deny landing permission to the plane of the Moroccan footballers, are discriminatory. It has been severely sanctioned by FIFA regulations. Indeed, Article 4 of the 2022 edition of the FIFA Statutes states that

“Any discrimination against a country, individual, or group of people on the basis of color, ethnic, geographic or social origin…, political opinion, or any other reason is expressly prohibited under penalty of suspension or expulsion. . »

The briefing from the Club des Avocats au Maroc also referred to Article 22 of the FIFA Code of Ethics: “Those to whom this code applies must not under any circumstances undermine the dignity or integrity of a country, person or group of people. especially by belittling, discriminating or belittling them by words or actions because of their skin color, ethnic origin or any other reason. »

According to the appeal brought by the lawyers’ club, the Algerian Football Federation bears full responsibility for these actions of the supporters and the political speech of the guests of the opening ceremony.

Article 16 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code states that “host associations are responsible for maintaining order and security in and around the stadium before, during and after the match.
Associations and clubs will be responsible for the inappropriate behavior of their supporters and may be subject to disciplinary measures, especially for any gesture, word, object or any other means to transmit a message unsuitable for a sports competition, or rather messages of a political nature. , ideological, religious or offensive;

The Casablanca lawyer points out that FIFA’s regulations on the safety and security of stadiums condemn any provocative and aggressive behavior and any speech of a racist nature.

Article 60 Al 2, the organizer of the event shall, in cooperation with the local security authorities, ensure that the supporters do not act provocatively or aggressively in the closed area or in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Therefore, in particular, the following are prohibited: unacceptable verbal provocations or attacks against players, match officials or supporters of the opposing team, racist behavior, banners and flags bearing provocative or aggressive slogans.

Me Mourad Eladditioni says that if such provocations occur, the event organizer and/or the security forces should intervene immediately. Stewards must report serious offenses, including racial abuse, to the police so that any troublemaker can be removed from the stadium. It was not noticed by the Algerian authorities who encouraged these deplorable actions.

The Moroccan Lawyers Club condemns the despicable and despicable behavior of the South African mercenary and false applicant who was paid to promote hatred and terrorism.

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