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New week and new predictions for FIFA 23 TOTW 12 Team of the Week. As always, EA will introduce new IF cards based on the results of the top pro players from last week. Currently, the TOTW (IF) card system looks like it did last year, with a Featured card (highlighted) and a fairly standard boost depending on the card’s level. That’s why we bring you our predictions for the new cards that will be available in packs on Wednesday at 19:00.

Forecast : Score last week, 6/9.

Leaks : You can check out our Team of the Week leaks for a preview of which players will be selected by EA.

Guardians Team of the Week 12

Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal, Premier League

What a season for the Gunners as they continue to maintain a healthy lead in the Premier League table. Arsenal won the North London derby, especially thanks to goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. The Englishman was perfect to keep a clean sheet against Spurs, finishing 2-0.

Fernando Martinez, Almeria, La Liga

Goalkeepers are always difficult to predict, and our selection here is somewhat standard. EA likes to pick a “junior goaltender” in addition to a player from the big leagues or who already has 80+ cards, we picked Fernando. The Spaniard was decisive against Atletico Madrid, earning a crucial point against one of the league leaders.

Defender predictions

Hamari Traore, Rennes, Ligue 1

What an important win for Rennes against PSG on Sunday night! The Breton club pulled off a surprise win in the duel, allowing them to close the gap at the top of Ligue 1. The striker is none other than defender Hamari Traore, who has been very popular at Rennes for a while. This second TOTW should be very interesting, especially if the push is compared to the recent developments by EA.

Chancel Mbemba, OM, Ligue 1

Yes, this TOTW 12 could be made up mostly of Ligue 1 defenders, as there is plenty to choose from! Among our predictions, our pick is Mbemba, who scored in OM’s 2-0 win over Troyes at Marseille. Unless there is a huge increase, this card will not be better than the Dynamic Duo from the beginning of the season.


James Ward-Prowse, Southampton, Premier League

Is there a better free kick taker than JWP right now? Premier League player Juninho scored another long-range goal last weekend. In the end, the English player scored two goals and gave “Southampton” three points from “Everton”. An extremely important victory in terms of keeping the club.

Paulo Dybala, AS Roma, Serie A

Do you already regret Juventus? The former Juve player has continued to display an excellent level of play since his arrival at Roma. The Argentinian scored twice against Fiorentina to consider another push for the OTW card. The latter should continue to be playable, even if he remains below the best options in Serie A.

What attackers are in TOTW 12?

Wissam Ben Yedder, AS Monaco, Ligue 1

It’s a pretty tough choice to make after Ben Yedder got his Centurion card a while back, but it’s almost impossible for EA to forget about the French player. Indeed, the AS Monaco forward scored a hat-trick on one of the cards last weekend. This second TOTW game of the season will be relatively close to Centurion, a good Meta card in FIFA 23.

Victor Osimhen, Napoli, Serie A

“Napoli” continues its incredible season by completely destroying “Juventus”. The leader of the championship crushed Juventus 5-1 at home, especially thanks to two goals and an assist from Victor Osimhe. The Napoli player, who has scored 12 goals since the start of the season, will earn his second TOTW there, pushing him increasingly towards a playable option.

FIFA 23 Featured Map of the Week

Nordi Mukiele, PSG, Ligue 1

One of last year’s new features, the Team of the Week card is back in FIFA 23. Our pick for TOTW 12 is PSG defender Nordi Mukiele. Mukiele, one of the new arrivals at the Paris club this season, appeared to be finding his feet with two assists in PSG’s open victory on Wednesday. A good boost could make him an interesting option, although there are plenty of DD cards in Ligue 1.

Cards that can appear in TOTW 12

Here we list the players who had a chance to appear but had to miss the EA selection for various reasons. The interest in listing these cards is to protect you in terms of investment (see below) and thus take potential risks for less predictable players.

  • Marcus Rashford, Man United
  • Bruno Fernandes, Man United
  • Jonathan David, LOSC
  • Milinkovic-Savic, Lazio
  • Frankowski, RC Lens

How to get TOTW cards in FIFA 23?

TOTW cards are often highly interesting, both for DCEs as well as for achieving specific objectives in friendly match mode. That’s why you need to know how to get these TOTW cards in FIFA 23, even for players whose overall rating will be quite low.

The first source is obvious transfer market, where you can find player’s TOTW cards in special versions of their cards. Be careful though, as IF cards tend to outsell the basic version. This is mainly explained by their rarity, but also by the fact that the base price (if discarded) is already quite high.

The second source remains gold packets of the game with these special cards for a week (from Wednesday until 19:00 on the following Wednesday). So be careful, because once this week is over, they won’t be able to drop them into packs.

Additionally, Team of the Week cards are available as prizes FUT Champion (WL) depending on your rating. EA should not eliminate the availability of TOTW cards if the rewards can change this year. Likewise, the weekly ranking In competitors still allows you to get TOTW cards in FUT Champion mode (red).

Finally, special TOTW Packs will be released throughout the season In ECDalthough the latter are often unprofitable as they are completely random.

Investments related to TOTW predictions in FIFA 23

While the cards of the selected players in the Team of the Week are often a good source of investment, it is also possible to earn credits through TOTW. Indeed, there are several ways to speculate in the market.

So it is the simplest and most regular Bet on normal Gold cards of current TOTW players. These are not available in packs during the week, limiting the number of cards. If a player wants to use these cards for their DCE or team, the prices can get very high. So buy cards in anticipation of this rise, speculating on TOTW’s predictions. This technique is called OOP (Out of the package, understanding outside of packs) and also works for special cards in events. The more specific a card is (major league, nation, and rare position), the greater its potential. For example, a player like Jonathan Claus is very interesting because he is French, from Ligue 1 and in a relatively rare DD position on the Gold card. So his price on the Gold version can easily triple in OOP.

Additionally, another method is to analyze future good TOTW cards and thus speculate on the cards associated with them. For example, if Haaland gets the Team of the Week card, it’s likely that players will try to include him in the FUT list. So they will try to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players or even Norwegian players to create the best possible connections. Therefore, it is possible to invest in cards that allow perfect connections just before the release of the new team of the week. This technique will be useful with the release of special maps until mid-December, by which time Team of the Week starts to look less interesting in FIFA 23.

Note that these two strategies require good market anticipation as well as timing. Often the cards to buy go up quickly, so you need to plan ahead who will buy. Also, this bull run won’t last long, so you need to play for a few days and sell your cards quickly.

You can find our trading tips and tricks in our dedicated guide to trading in FIFA 23.

So much for our predictions for the new FIFA 23 TOTW 12 team of the week.. If EA is going to want to muddy the waters by choosing slightly darker profiles every so often, we’re sure most of the players listed above could be featured as special cards in FIFA 23. We remind you that TOTW 12 will be officially presented. on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

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