are you losing or winning at the end of the month?

In 2022, more than 90,000 self-employed workers performed their activities in the field of wages. The rise of this new form of employment attracts many freelancers who are looking for a simple, fast and secure solution to start a business without the constraints of setting up a business.

Tailor-made services to support and optimize your income in payroll portage

Salary portage, based on a status three-way communication gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to start work before starting a business, for example offering their services using the support of a portage company like Prium to handle all administrative, financial and legal aspects. It plays the role of both third party employer For “portable” andIntermediate in his business relationship with his client. He writes invoices to the client and turns the turnover generated every month into wages on behalf of the latter.

How does salary portage work?

Each month turnover becomes a net reward.

To calculate this net salary, the umbrella company subtracts:

  1. its management fees: 5% to 10% of turnover excluding tax;
  2. provisions: paid leave, financial reserve and end of contract.

will be paid in stages.

The balance then forms payroll, which is divided into social security contributions (employer and employee), income tax (withholding), and net payables.

net salary roughly matches 50% of turnover excluding tax. If Porte can justify reimbursement of its professional expenses, net indebtedness may be higher. Other optimization mechanisms (employee savings, CESU, gift vouchers, etc.) allow to reduce social and tax payments.

So are we winning or losing on salary portage?

Social protection of workers

Unlike other statuses (micro-entrepreneur, EURL), portage remains a freelancer is connected to the general social security system. It also benefits from this reciprocal and one foresight arranged by his mercenary portage company.

This is the only status that allows you to benefit the right to unemployment. Thus, a displaced worker can receive unemployment benefits if he has worked for at least 6 months in the last 24 months. The duration of the compensation will be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 36 months (depending on the number of months of work and age).

Finally, the elevator related to the general pension system employees and any private sector employee confirms their housing.

Invoice management fees

These management fees of 5% to 10% of monthly turnover excluding VAT are charged directly to their operating account. These include all administrative, legal and accounting work performed by the portage company.

But be careful, this rate does not always take into account all deductions (operating expenses, fiscal and parafiscal taxes) made by the payroll company. To calculate this value correctly, a detailed simulation should be requested from the portage company.

Calculation of unjustified costs by the payroll company and not visible in the simulation, we will call these “hidden costs”.

We recommend signing a contract with a A company labeled “Zero Hidden Costs”. by Fedep (consumer protection association). There are 9 in the salary portage market.

Save time every month on administrative, legal and tax management

That time is estimated at 12 to 36 hours per month, right?! Well, in salary portage, this time, for example, turns into a commercial search and focuses above all on the development of ported employee activity.

And if you make good decisions by immediately moving into salary status for 2023, do you really think you’ll end up a loser?

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