At least one dead in explosions in Kiev, Russia promises “inevitable” victory

SITUATION UPDATE – Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his New Year’s greetings on Saturday that “moral and historical correctness” is “on Russia’s side.” Meanwhile, Vladimir Zelensky called 2023 “the year of victory”.

At least one person died as a result of explosions in Kyiv

Several Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, were targeted by Russian strikes on Saturday, followed by fresh explosions in the capital just after the transition to 2023. Russian missiles landed in two districts of Kyiv about 30 minutes after midnight, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said. Telegram added that no new injuries were immediately identified.

According to preliminary information, one person died in Solomianski district. Several people were injured“, the mayor of Kyiv said on Telegram. Before that, at least one person was killed and about 30 people were injured as a result of other Russian strikes in the capital of Ukraine.

It fired 20 missiles, including Russian forces 12 were shot

Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Valery Zalujny, said that the Russian army on Saturday launched 20 missiles, including bombers, targeting several cities in Ukraine, 12 of which were shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense. “The enemy launched more than 20 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea and land-based missile systems using Tu-95MS strategic bombers. HHM forces and means destroyed 12 rockets“Valery Zaloujny said on Telegram.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that his country’s “will not forgiveRussia’s invasion and bombing followed new strikes targeting Kyiv and other cities before the New Year. “No one will forgive you for terrorism. No one in the world will forgive you. Ukraine will not forgivehe wrote in Russian on Telegram and assured that,those who order and carry out such strikes will, at the very least, not be pardoned“.

The strikes on Ukraine on New Year’s Eve targeted drone factories, the Russian military said

The Russian military said on Sunday that strikes targeting several Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, a day earlier targeted drone production facilities ahead of the New Year.terrorist attacksin planning. “On December 31, 2022, the Russian Armed Forces carried out a long-range precision airborne attack against the facilities of the Ukrainian defense industry, which is engaged in the production of attack drones used to carry out terrorist acts against Russia.This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Russia in its daily report.

The Russian defense minister promised an “inevitable” victory in Ukraine

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Sputnik / Reuters

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in his New Year’s greetings to the military that their victory in Ukraine “inevitable», after more than ten months of fighting. “I wish everyone good health, courage, reliable and dedicated comrades for the coming year (…) Our victory is as inevitable as the new year.“, he began in a video released by his ministry.

Sergei Shoigu admitted that 2022 “serious problems» and this «military and political situation“done”difficultRussia’s attack on Ukraine, which began in February, has suffered serious setbacks in recent months. The counter-offensive operation of the Ukrainian troops forced the Russian army to retreat, especially from the Kharkiv region in the northeast and the city of Kherson on the Dnieper in the south of the country.

However, Russian troops claimed to have captured the small village of Dorojnianka in southern Ukraine’s Zaporozhye region on Saturday. “The year that is coming to an end will forever be included in the military annals of the Motherland with your immortal deeds, your selfless courage and heroism in the fight against neo-Nazism and terrorism.“, Sergey Shoigu said in his address to the Russian military.

We will always remember our comrades who sacrificed themselves while performing combat missions for the right to speak only Russian, for the protection of the civilian population from genocide and violence.“, he added.

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2023 will be the “year of victory”, Zelensky assures in his dreams

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy in his New Year’s greetings addressed his compatriots “work“and others”mutual aid“. “Longing for faith and hope? Both have been in the (Ukrainian) armed forces for a long time (…) Do you want light? Even when there is no electricity, it is inside all of us“, especially in the message of the head of state of Ukraine on Telegram, the mass bombing of Russia seriously disrupted the energy supply. “Happy New Year ! The year of our victory“, he concluded.

“Moral and historical correctness is on our side,” Putin said in his New Year greetings

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his New Year’s greetings on Saturday that “moral and historical correctness“done”from the sideRussia, full attack in Ukraine and crisis with the West.

According to the President of Russia, last year was strong.”really decisive and important events“WHO”laid the foundations of our true independence (…).“. “Today, we are fighting for this by protecting our people in our historical territories, in the new institutions of Russia.“, he added.

France provides asylum to Ukrainians from conflict zones

The National Court on the Right to Asylum (CNDA) has just granted asylum to Ukrainian nationals from regions at the heart of the armed conflict with Russia, justifying the degree of violence.granting international protection“To those who are interested.

CNDA”He gave shelter to Ukrainian citizens from Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine.“, without specifying the number of people concerned, he said in a press release published on Saturday. “He notes that these regions are currently experiencing exceptionally intense, indiscriminate violence due to the armed conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces. This situation justifies the granting of international protection to Ukrainian applicants from these regions.“, he explains.

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