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Spain is one of the top 3 most visited countries in Europe. Millions of foreigners have set foot on Spanish soil to discover its cities, monuments and many other treasures.

If the language seems easy at first glance, it is not always easy to understand. As a result, once in this country, you find it difficult to communicate with the locals. However, the language barrier should not be a problem for a great holiday in Spain.

Indeed, there are Spanish-French translators that you can sometimes use. Let’s discuss the topic in more detail in the text of this article.

DeepL online translation service

Online translators include DeepL. Created in 2017, this tool is accessible in any environment and provides access to more than 26 languages, including Spanish. You don’t need to pay to access DeepL. Indeed, this translator is available in a free version, although you have the option to pay to have better features.

DeepL allows you to get quality translation between French and Spanish. This also makes it special because this tool translates with great accuracy for fluent and sensitive understanding. To this should be added the speed of execution, automatic language detection and a large number of translation suggestions.

Google Spanish to French translation

It’s hard to talk about Spanish to French translation tools without mentioning Google Translate. It is one of the most comprehensive online and offers many options. To translate, you have the option to type the sentence you want to get a quality translation. It’s not verbatim, because Google Translate is constantly improving to offer you the best possible translation. The sentence to be translated is easy to understand.

You can also copy the sentence to be translated to translate with Google Translate. The tool also allows you to communicate directly with your interlocutor by voice. The exchange can be done in both directions for a fluid dialogue.

The best apps for learning Spanish

In addition to online translators, you have the option of having apps integrated directly into your media. The latter are equally effective and quite numerous.

In advance

Founded in 2012, Preply is not a Spanish-French translation app. Rather, it is a platform that will allow you to speak Spanish properly for your holidays in Spain. The principle of Preply is very simple. You take online lessons from language teachers. They are responsible for helping you understand Spanish better through exercises and precise learning. It should be noted that in total, more than 40,000 teachers and tutors operate on the platform.

You must register to take advantage of Preply courses. Registration is absolutely free. The payment is the lessons given by the teachers.


Famous for learning English, Duolingo is also available to help you improve your Spanish. There is also a platform of this tool available in web version. Duolingo is a fairly specialized program that allows you to translate sentences through the lessons and exercises it offers.

Duolingo is a fun enough program that allows you to learn without noticing the time passing. Everything is in place to help you move quickly. In particular, the availability of short-term interactive courses should be noted. Duolingo is completely free. However, some content and features may be chargeable.

The Rosetta Stone

Available to the general public since 1992, Rosetta Stone is actually a suite of software for learning foreign languages. With the latest version available since 2014, you can learn 24 languages, including Spanish. The translation takes place during the lessons that the platform allows you to do. These are divided into different topics so that you can familiarize yourself with the terms. You will have to use both your voice and your hands for more interesting learning. Indeed, you will have to pronounce, write and also choose the words.

To access Rosetta Stone’s Spanish learning features, you must first register for a specific program.

Hello, let’s talk

You can easily absorb the Spanish culture and speak the language long before you travel to Spain. This is especially possible thanks to the Hello Talk application. As the name suggests, this platform allows you to have a verbal conversation with local people, while you can also get a translation of what they are saying in French. It’s immersive learning made easy for you. The app also offers you access to private lessons in Spanish.

With Hello Talk, you will most likely get a good level of Spanish for your holidays in Spain without even going there. However, it should be noted that most of the features that will help you progress are paid.


Founded in 2010, Menrise is a foreign language learning program, as you may recognize many on the Internet. It focuses on learning pronunciation and vocabulary. The goal is to help you better translate sentences into Spanish, you have a fairly intuitive and immersive platform.

To take advantage of Menrise and learn Spanish properly, you must register. After this registration, you enter the essence of the matter with different expressions. Learning is done with both audio and video. It is also possible to write to do the translation yourself. Menrise has a dashboard that helps you evaluate your progress.


The community platform, Busuu, is what you need if you want to speak Spanish in record time. It’s really made for beginners with no real level. When it comes to operation, you have the option of learning by yourself or taking lessons from tutors with the translation jobs offered. What makes the platform special is its community of users. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the language to be studied.

You have several options to choose your Spanish French translator for your holiday in Spain. You can apply for online translators or choose software. The features are many and you are almost guaranteed to understand some Spanish before your stay in Spain.

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