Handball World Cup: ‘Still no tie for our blouses’, according to Patrice Annona

Thanks to their victory over Slovenia yesterday, the French team, which will enter with 4 points, qualified for the main round without any problems. But according to our consultant Patrice Annoney, even if this team gains momentum and won’t be able to hide its title ambitions for long, it still needs to work on certain aspects of its game.

So it’s mission accomplished for the blues, who will switch cities and face Montenegro, Iran and Spain in the main round in Krakow on Wednesday. A place in the quarter-finals is obvious, as this team has not made any mistakes in the first week of the competition.

Even if we analyze the Blues game a little more, we will find little things that still stick out, such as the rotation of the workforce implemented by Guillaume Gilles. The world is long, still two weeks until the final in Sweden on January 29. And the level will rise.

Nikolas Karabatic sometimes found it difficult to express himself as a bluesy

According to our consultant Patrice Annona (goalkeepers in Tremblay-en-France, goalkeepers in Paris Handball and boys in France U19 team) there is no alarm to activate:

We manage with flaws, it’s paradoxical, but at least it’s the French team that wins at the end of the match. First positive observation. But the game is still not in place: we play with individual relationships or in pairs, we look for a lot of pivots, including Fabregas, but we lose balls in this regard.
We’re also a little weak at left back, I actually believe we’re still missing the link, but it should come.

We expected a difficult match against Slovenia, of course there were difficult moments, but now we were able to respond, limit the weak moments, take turns when needed in attack and defense. Overall a good game

Melvin Richardson, France right back

Against Slovenia, the French were often troubled by the small Slovenian templates, who set a lot of rhythm on the upswings of the ball. Szeged (Hungary) metronome Bombac with incredible quickness of hand, Celje (Slovenia) leader Vlah or Barcelona left-hander Janc brought misery to the rather heavy French defense.

“It was the first match against a real European handball team, the Slovenians, who played everything, caused us a lot of problems with their central midfield and their small size, they spent a lot of time against each other,” our advisor.

That’s why the main round is announced with three different teams and a crescendo building towards the final game against Spain on Sunday evening.
From Wednesday, it is clear that the blues calendar is very favorable for Montenegro”Keeping the rhythm that the Slovenes set for us” According to Patrice Annonay. Iran will allow squad rotation on Friday and finally Spain will be the first real shock for the Blues at this World Cup. But at some point in the competition, you have to face something difficult and you have to beat everyone above all to continue in the best conditions.

Melvin Richardson knows how to change his game as a leader against Poland

The first two of the first group will qualify for the 1/4 finals, logically, France and Spain should leave this group. In what order? Sunday’s match will determine that and we hope that the French team will have all their assets for this handball classic. We are especially thinking of Dika Mem, who is suffering from a muscle contracture, and Nedim Remil, who was hit with crutches against the Slovenians last night.

The promotion will be ideal for Guillaume Gilles’ men, who will have to assume the role of favorites at some point, reigning Olympic champions in the title and looking for a seventh gold star in blue jersey.

Patrice Annonay does not doubt for a second:
“France is the favorite because of its history. But there is history and there is what is happening on the ground day by day. Until then we were moving forward a little bit secretly, not showing much. There, otherwise we will have to move forward,”

For every team in this World Cup, and it has been for a long time, playing France is a match in which the opponents sublimate against us. We are not going to hide anymore, we will soon be noticed and we will have to put our ambitions on the table and become world champions.

Patrice Annonay, handball consultant La 1ère

The two foreign players in the blue group will have to raise their level of play, but for now they are making a good start to the World Championship. Melvyn Richardson played three matches of the first round, always in that impressive role that Guillaume Gilles likes to attribute to him. Even in the match against Slovenia, the reunion team had to change its tune quickly.

His relationship on the pitch often looked fluid with Quentin Mahe, who led the play, as well as Nikolas Karabatic. He didn’t tremble two minutes from the end, he shot from nine meters with his left arm to establish the victory definitively.

“I feel less shy today because Dika Mem was not there. Nedim Remili had to take responsibility for the right-back position due to his injury. That way he is interesting from a distance, even if it is a guilty pleasure to go. He was close to the defense and by the corners to be pushed. He aggravated the game” Analysis by Patrice Annonay.

Mathieu Grébille as a winger, here against Poland

Mathieu Grébille didn’t play yesterday, but don’t worry, as our tipster points out, he’s got his full place in the squad thanks to his versatility.

“His versatility is an asset and he has a real card to play.
His role is clear, he knows it’s Dylan Nahi who has the wind in his sails in the post, but Mathieu will have a Swiss army knife time like he did in the first two games. In PSG Handball, he is used a lot in defense, in the second post or in the advanced post, which is not alien to him, Guillaume uses him intelligently “.

The two ultramarines do not ask themselves any questions and move forward with the goal of becoming world champions. As Melvyn Richardson recalled after the game:

“Now let’s focus on Montenegro. It won’t be easy, they are a very rough team with a good goalkeeper and let’s start this second round well, it will give us confidence for the future. The target for us is gold. There are many steps to go and we will not be counting on it.”.”

At least that’s what it says!

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