Moselle: Public finance unions mobilize against job cuts

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Public finance unions mobilized yesterday afternoon in Metz, in front of the offices of the public finance department, to protest the new job cuts.

Voice #1 – Public finance unions mobilize against job cuts

Philippe Ostrogorski, Secretary of Department Solidaires Finances Publiques Moselle and inter-union spokesman

How many positions will be cut in 2023?

There is a verdict, 21 positions of category B and C should be canceled. Schematically, it is the colleagues who receive the taxpayer at the cash register, who look after the affairs of the taxpayers, and in return, 2 director positions are created.

Will it affect residents?

Like it or not, from the 1st yearer In January of this year, the Bitche treasure was closed. Saint-Avold’s personal tax service is due to close soon and Forbach’s business tax service is due to close on the January. So it will be very difficult for listeners.

In particular, there was an end to the housing tax and the contribution to public broadcasting. This means less work for public finance workers. Do you still have enough missions to save all the work?

There is no housing tax, no billing or tax collection, but there is always an update because politicians need to know who lives in which housing. In return, we have had all the successive crises like the yellow vest crisis with bailouts, the Covid crisis with bailouts, and since yesterday there is bonus fuel to pay for more. 17 million of our compatriots. Yesterday we already had more than 820,000 applications.

I think your listeners understand every day how important we are. When they have questions to ask us, they have no choice but to go “all digital” and I’m not sure everyone is computer savvy.

There are also movements within businesses that are cash closures or service movements. What about Moselle-Est and Moselle-Sud?

We have already paid a heavy price in Moselle-Est and Moselle-Sud. Faulquemont, Creutzwald, Dieuze, Ch√Ęteau-Salins, Freiming-Merlebach, etc. already closed. There is still Phalsbourg for this year and Lorquin in the near future. And there is a sword of Damocles left at the site of Sarreguemines, where after 1 there is no January 2026.

Is it beneficial to set up hotlines in rural areas, pay certain bills or fines through tobacconists instead of coming to your home?

Tobacconists, it depends on the places. I will take Forbach as an example, it was a border where there were very few tobacco farmers. It is not easy to open a tobacconist today. Few wanted to buy our bills, especially cash, for obvious security reasons. And then there are other issues. Hot lines are all good, but the management is already asking itself that we can neither appeal to debts nor answer all questions. users.

What do you expect from the department management?

We are already demanding a moratorium from them because we have a specific in Alsace-Moselle that Paris does not want to hear. We have local laws that make our business different from the rest of France, which Bercy doesn’t want to hear or understand. But this has day-to-day consequences, especially at the district court level. No matter how much we explain to them, they listen. Our director was deafeningly silent yesterday, he did not answer the questions asked by his colleagues.

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