Primetals Technologies “Made in Europe” relies on Fabasoft Approve for secure data management.

Primetals Technologies relies on Approval in Fabasoft PROCECO for traceable communication with customers and manufacturers. For large projects lasting up to three years, there may be up to 50,000 documents related to factory documents (as-built documents) that need to be securely exchanged.

The approval focuses on the “farm management” of the Group, i.e. the contract communication between the project management and the coordination of the technical documents between the project management and its partners. Direct data connection with SAP P&E (Projects and Engineering Support) replaces multi-step transfer through internal readers and avoids manual work. Gerhard Guger, Head of Casting and ESP Project Coordination at Primetals Technologies, says: “With approval, we have discovered a state-of-the-art and highly customizable platform used to exchange technical documents with our customers, suppliers and internal project members. For each package, there is a structured representation of the complex content available directly to users in a cloud-based environment.

Secure Data Storage and Compliance

This industrial equipment pioneer places great importance on data security when it comes to sensitive business data and protected know-how. Thanks to data storage in Austria and a highly secure certified technological base, the software fully meets these requirements. “As a secure client portal, Approve provides project management with a seamless and extremely user-friendly environment for transferring sensitive documents. The structured view of the project documents and the intelligent search function make it easier to work with large volumes of documents and guarantee traceability throughout the project”, adds Andreas Dangl, managing director of Fabasoft Approve.

More information on this context can be found in the “Efficient transfer of structured documents” example.

About Fabasoft Approve

Fabasoft Approve GmbH is a European supplier of software for technical data and document management in the industrial sector. Thanks to simple adaptation via codeless/low code, special customer requirements can be implemented in no time. The digitization business focuses on quality management, technical documentation, and transmission management use cases. B2B processes bring together internal and external project partners on a common platform and digitally map the entire information life cycle for industrial products. Many large international companies rely on the cloud-based product “Fabasoft PROCECO on Proceco” as a “single trusted source” in their digitization strategy.

About Primetals Technologies

Based in London, Primetals Technologies is a leading global technology pioneer in lifetime services for the engineering, plant construction and metals industries. The joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and its partners employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide.

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