Unusual. His tie is soaked in a paper shredder, a very helpful reminder of caution

In early January, an intern lawyer at a firm had the unpleasant surprise of finding his tie stuck in the paper shredder he was using. More fear than harm: he shared his misadventure on Twitter, combining humor and pedagogy.

An unusual accident occurred This was reported on the Twitter social networkSun Jan 15, 2023 Trained and motivated lawyer, interned at a firm, and faced with a paper shredder motivated… a little too much.
He has local connections: a few years ago Daily was filming In front of the Sciences Po campus in Reims (Marl). Indeed, the Paris institute in most cases decentralizes its students at the beginning of the course.
Earlier in the week of January 9th, Zacharie (we’ll call him that) therefore placed a pile of documents destined for destruction into the law firm’s shredder. “And it didn’t pass”, calls the latter to France 3 Champagne-Ardenne. So he leans in to force it a little and the machine starts shredding the papers. And a tie with it. wow

But he didn’t particularly panic. In fact, actually, “I miss a tie more than ever”, laughs. Tie, price undisclosed. “It didn’t pull me down because I was already bent over. It was just when I tried to stand up that I realized something was stuck.”
“And it wasn’t fast, these are fairly safe cars. There was no jolt: I wasn’t traumatized by it.”
Indeed: if he says on Twitter that the machine tried to take his own life, that’s an exaggeration. Because he would rather laugh than cry about it.

Not even an industrial machine whose power would put me in danger.

@AfidaDati aka Zacharie

“There was a button on the side of the car, so I pushed it, pulled back, and it came out on its own. I feel like if I didn’t have the button in my hand, I could still get up. The tie would come out. Nor would his strength put me in danger.” not an industrial machine.” Anyway, his tie was a little messy. Breaker, 1 – Closure, 0.
“After that, the whole company laughed. But they also started to pay more attention.” The first of them, his boss gave an example: he installed a screen calling for caution. Even the unfortunate tie involved, not without humor. “He said that since it was destroyed, we will use it for educational purposes.” Which note: well-informed (and hilarious, see tweet below).

A future lawyer approaches the matter with background and philosophy. “Ultimately, 20 years after my internship, I will always have my mark on the company. It’s both funny and still enlightening about it.”
Indeed, the story ends well, and it encourages others to beware of a tie, a scarf, a scarf, or even a loose piece of jewelry. Not to mention long hair (which is why we’re making an article about it).
But more dramatic stories happened at the factory. This time, not with conventional desktop shredders, but with industrial-strength machines. So it’s always good to be reminded.

Zacharie isn’t called that, but it would be a bit funny to use Twitter seriously, ie. Afida Dati. It’s hard to imagine the whimsical Afida Turner (a world personality of the television universe and the Internet) mixed with the energetic Rachida Dati (former justice minister and current councilor-mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris). Both are known for their open conversations with little attention to nuance, and we don’t want to imagine them getting together. Steven Universe stuck in a mill.
Finally, the story doesn’t say if Zacharie (or Afida Dati…) will get a new tie from his boss. Because it will remain mandatory in the a priori cabinet. However, this would be the perfect opportunity to think about a change in the obligation to wear a tie (proposed by the author of the article, not the protagonist of the question). To welcome the end of the week with a little less seriousness, why not start doing it on Friday without it?

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