What steps should you take to offer a superior customer experience in B2B?

Customers today prefer the experience a company provides. They don’t hesitate to come back when they feel valued. It is difficult to regain their trust when a bad impression is made. For this reason, companies need to deliver an exceptional and personalized customer experience, which Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) can help with. In its white paper, Ibexa, a digital experience platform for professionals, discusses four points to consider before choosing DXP. You’ll discover the steps you can take to succeed in the digital world.


Optimize your content

Content is at the heart of any digital experience. They not only add value to customers, but also attract them. This is why good content management is essential from creation to reuse. Translation should also be careful to ensure that blog articles, videos, and other media are understood by most Internet users.

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Suffice it to say, there are many aspects to consider. For everything to work properly, it is important to adopt a DXP with solid specifications. It should allow content to be distributed seamlessly across multiple devices and ideally simplify its design and modification. The goal is to be able to seamlessly manage campaigns, from creating a landing page to managing URLs through publishing programming. In this guide, Ibexa explains all the criteria to consider in order to choose the right DXP from a content management perspective.

Focus on personalizing the customer experience

Doing well online is no small feat. Internet users can lose interest in your brand and become interested in your competitors in no time. There is only one solution to differentiate and retain them: personalization. Content should be relevant and referrals should be well targeted. This can help achieve a variety of goals: increasing conversion rate, extending customer lifetime value, improving return on investment, and more.

However, one question remains: how to personalize the suggested content? To help you out, Ibexa shares tips for applying in your business. It also discusses the role of DXP, which can help you customize your offer.


Create a seamless buying journey

Shopping habits have changed dramatically in recent years. For convenience and speed, many consumers today prefer to shop online. For this reason, it is not surprising that e-commerce is increasingly integrated into digital transformation projects.

Today it is even considered one of the important components of DXP. This system allows you to manage both editorial content and e-commerce. Using a single tool offers the opportunity to create an easier shopping journey for visitors. Also, many aspects have been simplified and optimized: management, ordering processes, reporting, etc.

However, it should be ensured that the selected DXP has advanced e-commerce functions that enable homogeneous trade relations and transactions. You can use the list of criteria to consider in the Ibexa guide to choose your solution.

Combine its various tools

As the company develops, it arms itself with new internal and external tools: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), delivery service… The challenge is to succeed in the interaction of all these systems. This aspect can save time and money. For this reason, it should not be left out when choosing DXP.

As you can see, it is important to choose a solution that includes content management, personalization, e-commerce and features that allow you to connect all your systems. The four concepts covered in this guide will help you deliver a memorable customer experience and maintain a competitive edge.


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