6 Nations: Is France’s XV really armed for a second Grand Slam?

A football player almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows me to criticize those who succeed. After fulfilling my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (press box), I live my passion for the transfer window and major sporting events like a second family.

The 2022 Grand Slam 6 Nations XV is closing in on the team’s shoes to win the France 2023 Tournament. Six months before the World Cup, the 13-match unbeaten Blues will try to achieve what no other nation in history has achieved: win two Grand Slams in a row!

This is so! 2023 is here! All you have to do is count the days. In each host city, the meter is placed in the middle of a large, luxurious, main square or in front of a monument. No one can pass by without seeing it. Or unknowingly. In 2023, the Rugby World Cup will be held in France! And the French, world prize virgins, are more than ever favorites to finally lift the Webb Ellis trophy. “France 98” has an almost slight air to it, but no one dares to announce it too loudly for fear of failure. It’s September 8, 2023 and I’m looking forward to this opening match between France and New Zealand! I’m looking forward to this moment that all rugby France is waiting for! But until then, our Blues have other deadlines to meet, other trials to overcome. The emotions of the world will wait. Water will flow under the bridges and oval lovers will be treated. In June, long and hard Top 14 will give his verdict. In May, Champions Cup will distribute the star. And after a few days 6 Nations Tournament starts and will refresh the existing hierarchy. The Blues are moving quietly towards this first deadline.

The Blues won it all

With the pride of its crest, the French team presents itself as the defending champion and Grand Slam winner, a candidate to retain the title and invincibility. Never in the history of French rugby has France’s XV been as effective as it is today. Accounting, since the fall of 2021, the Blues have won everything and everyone. The Blacks and Argentinians in November 2021, the English, Irish, Welsh, Italians and Scots during the 2022 6 Nations Tournament, the Japanese last summer, then the Australians and South Africans during the autumn 2022 tour round out World Rugby’s ten biggest nations. For the blues. Considering the World Cup, there is no better preparation. A streak of thirteen consecutive successes. A record in the history of the XV of France. It remains to be seen whether this streak can still last until the end of 2023. This, of course, is the coach’s wish. Fabian Galthie and his staff. The task facing Antoine Dupont’s teammates is enormous. The record held by the All Blacks and England is 18 consecutive successes. A record the Blues will only equal if they win another Grand Slam. A feat never before seen in Six Nations history. According to all observers, the upcoming Tournament will be “more difficult than last year”. Imperme forces the year, the Blues will have three transfers to negotiate this time. The first in Italy on February 5. The second is in Ireland a week later (February 11). Finally, after hosting Scotland, France’s XV will travel to Twickenham on March 11 to take on England before hosting Wales at the Stade de France on March 18. Three passes, two non-categories, it’s a very nice stage. And finally, some additional signs about the content of the game and the effectiveness of this French team. And maybe in the tricolor group that appeared to play in the World Cup.

A “laboratory” tournament before the World Cup

In a World Cup year The Six Nations Tournament it is always in a different context. First of all, because it’s still a compulsory year and for France it means a trip to Ireland and England. Also because it is more part of the preparation before the World Cup. Blues coach Fabien Galthie so he will have to juggle between the desire to fulfill and maintain the Blues’ invincibility and the home stretch to try things out. ” We have to choose and I think this tournament will be a real laboratoryformer international second row David Gérard shows. It is this tournament that will allow to prepare the group that will go to win the world championship “. For the former coach of Beziers, LOU and Montauban, Fabian Galthie Should use the opportunity to test players who will potentially be in the squad for Worlds. ” The Blues cannot go on a string of defeats as that would create a negative spiral. But last minute to give Fabien Galthié a chance to some of the players he wants to see in a Blue shirt. Maybe he will use some shots sparingly or not play the entire Tournament. But the team will remain in the competition, because today France has a terrible reservoir “.

Aviva and the Twickenham problem

The challenge that awaits the Blues on February 11 is huge. at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin XV of France will face the best nation in the world. Because, although the Blues are undefeated for thirteen games, it is the Irish who dominate the World Rugby ranking in terms of points. An exceptional 2022 result for the clover XV who beat Australia and South Africa in the autumn after beating the All Blacks twice in New Zealand in the summer. choice ofAndy Farrell It is another big favorite for the 2023 tournament. Despite having made three trips, the Irish will host their two main rivals, France and England. Because we must never forget the XV rose. Although the English have been in crisis since the last tournament, where they won only two games, a difficult autumn and the dismissal of their coach. Eddie Jones, England has a quality workforce. Their year 2022 will be forgotten. But avoid the rebound. Jones’ former assistant and most recently Leicester Tigers manager Steve Borthwick has taken up the mantle. ” The England team will be difficult to play as they will be looking for stability and reference matches in their contextDavid Gerard explains. With a new coach, they will definitely change the system. But other nations are in the same situation as France. They will also be tested. “. XV de la Rose version 2023 still remains a mystery. “Blues” will get the answer on March 11. By then, the tricolor team will have passed the trap of Dublin, which was the final an hour ago. Success or failure…

Possession or Possession?

More attacking than ever, the Blues will beat the skin of the team in 2023. ” Our status has changed thanks to the results we have achieved in three yearsconfirm Lawrence Labitcoach of three quarters XV of France. Today, great powers are trying to stand against us and surprise us “. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Blues will improve their game during this Tournament and will not abandon their successful possession strategy in 2022. The dispossession game is a lot of teamwork, footwork precision and great defensive aggressiveness.David Gerard explains. But it also means not taking too many risks. The attacking play of the Blues will definitely improve for the World Cup as we know we have talented players. But we will not see that today. They will not risk showing everything until the World Cup “. Or as Laurent Labit puts it, ” above all knowing how to anticipate and react “. Hence the successful counter game XV of France right now. And this is just one strategy. The good news is that the Blues can do better.

Blues calendar

Italy – France, Sunday 5 February (16:00)
Ireland v France, Saturday 11 February (3.15pm)
France v Scotland, Sunday 26 February (4pm)
England v France, Saturday 11 March (17:45)
France v Wales, Saturday 18 March (3.45pm)

42 man roster for the tournament

ALLDRITT Gregory (Stade Rochelais)
ATONIO Whinney (Rochelais Stadium)
BAILLE Cyril (Stade Toulouse)
BARLOT Gaëtan (Olympic Castres)
BAUBIGNY Teddy (RC Toulon)
BECOGNEE Alexandre (Montpellier Herault Rugby)
BOUDHENT Paul (Rochelais Stadium)
CAMARA Yacouba (Montpellier Herault Rugby)
CHALUREA Bastien (Montpellier Herault Rugby)
CRETIN Dylan (LOU Rugby)
CROS François (Toulousain Stadium)
FALATEA Sipil (Bordeaux-Bègles Union)
FLAMENT Thiboud (Stade Toulouse)
HAOUAS Mohamed (Montpellier Herault Rugby)
JELONCH Anthony (Toulouse Stadium)
JOLMES Thomas (Union Bordeaux-Begles)
LAVAULT Thomas (Rochelais Stadium)
MACALOU Sekou (French Stadium)
MARCHAND Julien (Stade Toulouse)
OLLIVON Charles (RC Toulon)
PRISO Dany (RC Toulon)
WARDI Reda (Rochelais Stadium)
WILLEMSE Paul (Montpellier Herault Rugby)

BARASSI Pierre-Louis (Stade Toulouse)
BIELLE-BIARREY Louis (Union of Bordeaux-Begles)
BUROS Romain (Bordeaux-Bagle Union)
COLY Leo (Montpellier Herault Rugby)
DELBOUIS Julien (French Stadium)
DUPONT Antoine (Stade Toulouse) – CAPTAIN
FICKOU Gael (Race 92)
GAILLETON Emilien (Pau Division)
HASTOY Antoine (Stade Rochelais)
CALIBERT Matthieu (Union Bordeaux-Bègles)
JAMINET Melvyn (Stade Toulouse)
LE GARREC Nolann (Race 92)
LEBEL Matthis (Stade Toulouse)
MOEFANA Yoram (Union Bordeaux-Bègles)
NTAMACK Romain (Stade Toulouse)
PENAUD Damian (ASM Clermont Auvergne)
RAMOS Thomas (Toulouse Stadium)

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