How to post in multiple languages ​​on Facebook

Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. Facebook feeds millions of people’s updates, photos, videos, and more every day. is a social networking site where people come together to share.

Facebook is especially popular among young people, and businesses use it as an advertising tool to reach their customers. Pages can post language-appropriate content on Facebook to target external audiences interested in certain topics, such as fashion, shopping, travel and food.

Let’s see how you can post on Facebook in multiple languages.

Why publish in multiple languages?

Many people will find this option very useful. The first and most obvious use case for multilingual posts on Facebook is for businesses with customers and partners all over the world – the kind of business that knows that people who speak multiple languages ​​see their posts every day.

Instead of relying on Facebook to translate, or worse, not translate at all, these companies can now include multiple languages ​​in the same post.

Many international companies also maintain multiple Facebook pages communicating in different languages. This solution can help these companies integrate at least some of Facebook’s features, making it much easier to manage social media marketing campaigns.

However, not only large multinationals will benefit from this. Accurate and effective communication is essential to building a successful presence on Facebook, and not having to worry about weird Facebook translations will help many businesses around the world.

Individuals can also take advantage of this new opportunity: expats living in countries where they speak a language other than their own will be able to communicate better with all their contacts, regardless of their language. Unfortunately, the multilingual messages option is only accessible through account settings.

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To start posting in multiple languages ​​on Facebook, you must first enable multilingual posts in your account settings. Here it is:

  1. Go here on your Facebook page Settings > Account Settings > General.
  2. hit Language and region > Multilingual posts.
  3. Click To changeand select Active to enable this feature.
  4. hit Save changes. It’s all there!

You can choose to write a Facebook post in another language using the post composer. However, this option is only visible in the mobile version. You can select your desired language from the available options. Press the button alphabetic character to start translating or publishing directly into that language.

You can use Facebook’s built-in translation feature to communicate with these people, but as with any online translation service, you won’t always get great results.

If you have a Facebook page, you can send messages to your followers in multiple languages ​​using the platform’s built-in publishing tools. However, you must be an admin of the page you are posting to.

After moving to Meta, Facebook made many changes in its functionality. You can use the Global Pages feature to create new pages. Market Pages for your target audience in different languages. But keep in mind that this feature is currently limited to certain geographies.

Now that you’ve enabled multilingual embedding in the settings, you’ll see a new option in the page’s post creation tool. How to access this feature:

  1. Select the Page you want to publish on your Facebook profile. Go to your page’s profile.
  2. choose Meta Business Suite. Select from the left menu All tools.
  3. You will then see a wider variety of marketing and business tools depending on your region.
  4. You have to choose Advertisement manager. Your Page’s Business Manager panel appears.
    Screenshot 2023-01-14 10.36.39-1
  5. hit three lines in the left menu to open another submenu. scroll to Posts page under Attract customers division.
    Screenshot 2023-01-14 10.29.50
  6. You will get a history of posts published so far. Make sure you select the correct page or you can change the option from the drop down menu.
  7. Create a message. You will see the following options Write in another language.

Want to add a third language? Click Write a message in another language again. You can do this for multiple languages ​​(I couldn’t find a limit; there might not be one).

Now when someone sees your message, they’ll have the option to select a drop-down menu and see the message in the language you’ve made available.

This is always a useful alternative. You can always use your phone’s built-in multilingual keyboard or GBoard or other Android keyboard apps to type your message in different languages. We used it on a Samsung Galaxy device. How to access this feature:

  1. Open Facebook on your desktop device and go to the message composer.
  2. You will see an input panel appear: emoji, text, multilingual keyboard and other options.
  3. Enter your preferred input and output language and type your words or phrases in the text box.
  4. The translated text will appear in the article editor. Complete your article, add your images, then click Remember.

The ability to post an update in multiple languages ​​will help many businesses and people around the world simplify their social media process and make it more efficient. The more people you can communicate with, the better! And using someone’s native language will definitely get you some recognition.

Of course, you should make sure you use good translations – don’t rely on any online translation service (not even Google Translate). To make sure you take advantage of this feature, or to find a freelance translator to do it for you, make sure you speak a native language or a native language that helps you with your translations.

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