Stellantis is losing its shares in Europe. Contract with Terrafame for Nickel Sulphate

A five-year contract with Element 25 for manganese sulfate followed by a contract with Terrafame for nickel sulfate. Stellantis has announced that it has signed another five-year contract with the Finnish company supply of nickel sulfate for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. In practice, Terrafame will supply nickel sulfate to the Italian-American group led by Carlos Tavares from 2025.

About Terrafame Finland

Terrafame in Finland operates one of the largest Home battery chemistry plants in the world. Its production is completely traceable thanks to an integrated production process in a single industrial area, from its mining to the chemical components of the battery. In addition, thanks to the unique production technology, the carbon emissions of nickel sulfate produced by the company are among the lowest in the industry.

Stellantis’ increasingly aggressive electrification strategy

The transaction, part of Stellantis’ aggressive electrification strategy, which a

a significant portion of the sustainable nickel needs produced in the region. In fact, it is recalled that as part of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Stellantis announced the goal of achieving 100% of its sales in Europe with battery electric vehicles, and 50% in the US with Bev cars and utility vehicles. By 2030. To this end, the company plans to invest more than €30 billion in electrification and software development by 2025, and aims to be 30% more efficient than the industry average in terms of total R&D and Capex spending to revenue.

Tavares: we continue to build a new global value chain

CEO Tavares stressed that “this contract is part of our strategy to supply key raw materials to meet our needs for the production of battery packs for electric vehicles.” class partners, to support our global strategy and advance our commitment to become the industry benchmark in the fight against climate change with a goal of net zero emissions by 2038 ahead of the competition.

Joni Lukkaroinen, CEO of the Finnish group, said the cooperation with Stellantis “strengthens Terrafame’s position as an important partner for the supply of battery chemical components for the European automotive industry”. In these challenging times, he added, “There is strong demand in Europe for battery chemicals produced sustainably and transparently in Europe. We are proud to help decarbonize European mobility and make the continent’s automotive industry more efficient.”

The growth of cars in Europe is the fifth month in a row

The industry continues to grow, with European car registrations rising again for the fifth month in a row in December. According to figures published by Acea, registrations in the EU, EFTA and UK rose by 14.8% to 1,091,119 vehicles last month (+12.8% in the EU). However, compared to 2021, the balance was negative by 4.1% (-4.6% in the EU), 11.3 million new cars were sold, including 9.3 million in the EU, which is “1993- It is the lowest level in the region since 2010,” Acea warned.

Despite December’s positive results, only two of the four major European markets registered growth. In fact, the German and Italian markets recorded double-digit growth of 38.1% and 21% respectively. On the other hand, the negative sign was almost constant for Spain (-14.1%) and France (-0.1%).

In this context, the Stellantis group saw its EU-EFTA-UK market share fall to 14.6% in December, against 18.7% a year earlier, and sales fell 10.3% to 159,425 vehicles. For the full year of 2022, the company’s sales decreased by 13.7% to slightly more than 2 million vehicles. ()

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