Two Magali Berdah companies were ordered to pay influencers Emma Paris and Vlad Oltean around 2 million euros

Magali Berdah thus criticizes Emma for refusing so many publications. 9 out of 26 posts surveyed in May, 13 out of 27 posts in June, 20 out of 49 posts in July were surveyed. Emma could contractually reject some of them with prior notice. What he didn’t do. “The people at Sublime Talent didn’t say anything at the time,” marvels the influencer. The latter also admits that he refuses to carry out certain publications, but is afraid to participate. dropshipping, a technique often aimed at selling low-quality products from China at high prices. What he had the right to do according to the contract.

Sublime Talent representatives also complain about the low ROI of Emma CakeCup posts. They mention Emma Paris’s account as an explanation for the large number of fake subscribers who will be following it. However, the commercial court did not satisfy the requirement of the expertise for their trial.

Doubts about the solvency of Magali Berdah

For jurisdiction, Sublime Talent was found guilty of not awarding the first prize to Emma Paris and her ex-husband. The Court also believes that the renegotiations proposed by Magali Berdah cannot be considered “sincerely” (…) but as a unilateral questioning of the main legal elements. [du contrat]. The withholding of amounts due over several months was clearly used as a means of pressure to reach an agreement. »

The consular judge therefore awarded Emma Paris €866,000 for wrongful termination, plus €216,000 for unpaid invoices and €5,000 for legal fees. Vlad Oltean will receive €524,495 in damages, including €190,000 for unpaid invoices and €5,000 for legal fees. This is a total of 1,806,495 euros.

Important detail: this condemnation targets Sublime Talent as well as its parent company, Shauna Event. Indeed, doubts are being raised about the solvency of the now-defunct first company. However, uncertainty has been looming over the latter, who has not been part of the Banijay group for several weeks now. Founded by the French audiovisual giant Stefan Kurbit, according to the Parisian, sold his shares in the country’s most famous influencer agency for a truly symbolic euro. Information disputed by Magali Berdah. “I cannot disclose the exact amount because I signed a confidentiality clause,” he said.

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However, the harsh punishment of the latter may prevent him from pursuing his already gloomy activities. Far from the 40 million euros of turnover announced in 2020, at its peak. “Our turnover has been cut in three,” the agent admitted on the set of “Complément d’Enquête” in September. Issue: The agency’s decision to cut 95% of its partnerships with US companies by 2021 dropshipping. The Shauna Incident has long epitomized the use of such a controversial process.

Targeted by Booba and the victim of an ongoing wave of cyberbullying, Magali Berdah, who has been at the center of many controversies for a year, says she has always been combative. He did not want to comment on the decision, but explains that he does not intend to leave the sphere of influence.

Will he be able to continue his business? Magali Berdah looks increasingly lonely. At the end of September, Magali Berdah was simply not invited during a press conference organized by the Responsible Influence Observatory, created by the Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP). In December last year, the Ministry of Economy held a round table dedicated to the protection of consumers who are victims of fraud in social networks. To make matters worse, Shauna Events and its thirty employees also had to leave the area around the Champs-Élysées (8th arrondissement) at the end of 2022 for the capital’s multi-family 15th arrondissement. As a symbol of its collapse?

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