Can we hate tweets on Twitter?

In 2022, you may have heard about the ability to dislike tweets or “actually vote” on Twitter, but how do you do it and what does it mean? Many social media apps like Reddit, YouTube, and more recently TikTok have successfully integrated unverified or downvoting functionality, but in different ways.

And while we’re talking about this feature, why don’t you see the option to not verify tweets?

No, you cannot reject tweets

There is currently no functionality to reject or downgrade a tweet. Instead of being approved, Twitter uses other metrics to determine a tweet’s popularity and who to suggest tweets to in its timeline.

On mobile and desktop Twitter, only positive reactions such as likes, retweets, and tweet quotes are available. Of course, users can always reply to a tweet to express their disapproval or negative opinion.

Twitter once did a limited downvote test

If you’ve ever seen a dislike button on Twitter or thought people were talking about it, it’s because Twitter is testing a dislike button that’s only available to a select number of users. Limited users in 2021 and 2022. The test function has been running ever since. disappeared completely.

The dislike button was only available on replies, not original tweets. The number of rejections received by the response is not specified. It was a private metric that Twitter tested to determine what content people wanted to see.

The feature disappeared in 2022, confusing some users who had the button. Others, who never had, didn’t really notice a difference. Twitter hasn’t made any announcements about the change, and it hasn’t said whether the tests are final.

It is unclear whether the downvoting feature will be brought back or expanded. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter in late 2022, a number of changes have been made to the platform and the business. In this chaos, the future of the volume down button has been lost.

Should Twitter let you reject tweets?

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The idea of ​​a dislike button has long been controversial: it works on some platforms, such as Reddit, but has never seen success on a platform like Instagram. Why this works on some platforms and not others is not always clear.

According to Forbes, TikTok is the latest social media brand to use a dislike button on comments. TikTok hopes its dislike button will be another way for users to provide feedback on the types of content they want to see. You can also tap and hold a TikTok and tap Not Interested to comment on TikToks that appear on your For You page.

This is similar to what Twitter is trying to achieve with the dislike button: to provide an easy feedback method, to better suggest tweets they think are interesting to you.

With such limited testing, it’s hard to know if the like button actually works. Many argue that the dislike button simply allows people to mistreat those they disagree with on social media and silence controversial or nuanced opinions.

There are no downvotes on Twitter yet

Downvotes or dislikes may come back on Twitter one day, but for now, they don’t. Because the future and direction of Twitter is so uncertain, testing endorsements is not a priority right now.

Once things calm down on Twitter, the “downvote” or “dislike” button can be a useful tool for suggesting content on the platform. Don’t be surprised if one day you see a “dislike” button under tweets on your timeline.

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