Chloé Chevalier takes second place!… Follow the sprint with us

3:37 PM: Yes, 8th seed Caroline Colombo! So we’ll have four girls in the top 10 today, tough, tough.

15:35: Chloé Chevalier makes us love the microphone of L’Equipe channel

“As soon as I arrived, I was in another world. I was close to crying. I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy! I can do great races in relays and I missed doing it just for myself, it felt good. But still, I was stressed this morning, I couldn’t believe it at all. But once at the starting line it all went, poof! Sorry, I’m talking, I’m talking. »

3.30pm: 9/10 for Caroline Colombo, which is good too!

15:27 : Note that, as my friend William told me, Chloé Chevalier’s runner-up spot is good for Julia Simon, who limited the damage today when she saw Elvira Oeberg drop a spot. There are no small victories for the general.

15:23 : It’s a shame, because Chloé Chevalier was leading all the way, coming off her first career win. But we will not be picky, the podium is already very beautiful. His sister’s emotion has to be seen to be believed.

3:21 PM: SECOND PLACE, YES GUYS!!! Less than three seconds behind Dorothea Wierer, who was furious all the way.

15:20 : Big sister Anais Chevalier-Bouchet in tears, beautiful!

15:19 : This is your moment Chloe! The whole French team goes through it all the way, checking lap times. He will do it gozzzzzzzz

3:18 pm: 3.5 seconds ahead of the last lap at the top of the hill, that’s good, baby!

15:16 pm: Popopopo but what a monster on skis! This bag smells really good for Chloé Chevalier.

15:15 : Honestly, we didn’t see this coming! Well then he vraaaaaaaime shot in the leg took his time, but his arrival pays off.


15:08 pm: Chloé Chevalier takes a casual lead in her junior race, leading on the hour despite her 60 bib. We’ll be watching this closely. If it gives us 10/10 why not!

15:04 : Come on, it’s over, Julia Simon falls off her chair.

3:02 pm: Lou Jeanmonnot crosses the finish line in fourth place, two seconds behind Julia Simon. But the two French women will not occupy these places, as Wierer reaches the bottom of the ball.

2:59 pm: Elvira Oberg leads the finish line, 3rd Julia Simon is now in the ejection seat. He is paying for two permanent infractions today.

14:58 : Despite being 10/10, Hanna Oeberg follows Julia Simon.

14:56 : Do we not believe in a podium for Lou Jeanmonnot, who came fourth and is very strong on skis? Yes, absolutely.

14:56 : 10/10 for Dorothea Wierer, who will also play for the win.

2:55 pm: Ahhhhh, the stoppage error for Lou Jeanmonnot has been damaged!

2:52 pm: 10/10 FOR ELVRIA OEBERG! The Swede, who is not even sure that he will start this race due to a small virus that he has been carrying for a week, takes control of the race.

14:51 : Hanna Oeberg is better than Julia Simon with 4/5 positions.

14:50 pm: 5/5 for Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet for her first visit to the grid.

2:49 pm: Well, it’s limiting the break when hitting on skis. She is still in first place, 2.5 seconds ahead of Batovska and 3.7 seconds over Wierer.

14:48 .: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Julia! Two rounds of penalty for the Frenchwoman after this standing kick.

2:47 pm: Flawless for Lou Jeanmonnot in 5th place in this sprint! A true sniper, as we say.

2:46 pm: Popopopo four faults (and four barge turns) for Tandrevold! Thanks for coming… It’s going to be a pain in the overall standings, he’s fourth right now.

14:45: Elvira Öberg, 17 seconds behind Julia Simon from her first shot, also shot 5/5.

14:44 : A small report about Lou Jeanmonnot, the youngest member of the French team, who has already reached the podium at the World Cup.

2:41 pm: Fingers 5/5 to the nose for Julia! So he is at the top of this sprint because he has the best time on skis.

14:40 : Julia Simon comes to the starting field as the best skier of this first round. But still be careful because the wind has just picked up.

14:40 : 3/5 not jojo for Lisa Vittozzi in front of her audience.

14:38 : A very clean, clear round for Anna Magnusson, first with the #1 apron to present herself for a prone shot. And Tandrevold follows just behind with his 5/5 lie as well.

14:36 : Note that the World Cup takes a break in Antholz at the end of this 6th round to make way for the Oberhof Worlds from February 8th to 19th.

14:33 : It’s Julia Simon’s turn to hit the road in her adorable yellow World Cup leader’s apron!

2:31 pm: TUT TUT PASSED!

We will let biathletes drop by drop to take a look at Nicolas’ interesting article on the future ban of fluoride, which is constantly being delayed due to a problem with the equipment that is supposed to detect the rates on skis.

14:28 : Heavy snow today on Antholz, a change from last week in Germany.

14:20 : We hope for a new podium today to start the week well. In the thickest case at the moment, Julia Simon is one of our candidates today, but we will also focus on the sprint of the young Lou Jeanmonnot, a senior sniper at the age of 22.

14:15 .: Saluuuuuuuuuuuuut biatliks!

Nice to see you at another World Cup weekend. Today we are broadcasting live from Antholz-Anterselva, the highest point of this competition at 1600 meters.

9:00: Hello biathletes!

We’re off to Julia Simon’s glorious race, hopefully eventually. The leader of the Biathlon World Cup battles the mythical resort of Antholz and its special conditions to maintain his lead in the race. Julia leads Elvira Oeberg by 151 points and if she can dig deeper this week, she can start dreaming of the big crystal globe a year after Quentin Fillon-Maillet. Again, be careful: favor the Swede in the sprint, Denise Herrmann is 2nd in the qualification classification (where Simon is only 4th). Among the other French women, we expect a lot from the always inconsistent Anais Chevalier and Lou Jeanmonot, brilliant in Ruhpolding.

» Live broadcast starts at 14:30.

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