Decision of the Constitutional Council on the Social Security Financing Law for 2023

the Constitutional Council made a decision on December 20, 2023 Social insurance financing law for 2023more than sixty of them were captured by three petitions of deputies and senators and approved the majority of their contents.

First, it confirms it Procedure for receiving loi and especially the implementation of the third paragraph of Article 49 of the Constitution. It also rejects criticisms by petitioning parliamentarians about the insincerity of the macroeconomic assumptions adopted by the Government.

The government is taking this into account Criticism by the Constitutional Council could allow the provisions of the article to frame The use of teleconsultation to benefit from compensatory sick leave, by limiting the possibility of payment of compensation at intervals determined by teleconsultation by the attending physician or the physician who consulted the insured in the previous year, is clearly not questionable. possibility to see a doctor face to face.

The government reaffirms its desire to fight resolutely against all abuses of health insurance and will continue to take necessary measures for this.

The government also takes this into account Criticism by the Constitutional Council of the authorizing articlecontrol the use of temporary jobs after school in health and medical-social institutions. The government reaffirms its desire to fight against the growing abuses of temporary medical work development in health and medical-social institutions, and is studying ways and means to restore this regulatory lever as soon as possible for the benefit of patients. caretakers.

In addition, 10 out of 116 articles in the text are different originally accepted in whole or in part censored by the Board for procedural reasons. These are mainly provisions introduced by parliamentary amendment that do not respect the constitutional framework of the possible intervention area of ​​social security financing laws, especially since they have little or no effect on social security expenditures or receipts.

Therefore, this decision remains in force without any changes to the vast majority of the measures contained in the original draft. and the vast majority of measures taken to prepare for the future and improve the daily lives of the French three years later were marked by a health crisis. For this purpose, the law will be published in the near future.

After his examination, The social security balance forecast for 2023 is -7.1 billion eurosi.e. a level very close to the level initially proposed in the draft presented by the Government on 26 September (-6.8 billion euros) and A very clear development compared to 2022 (-18.9 billion euros) and 2021 (-24.3 billion euros).

This forecast is based on the improvements achieved during the parliamentary debates, especially on the one hand An increase of more than 1 billion euros in ONDAM for the benefit of healthcare institutions for 2022 to fund the extension of summer emergency measures, to provide winter support for services under pressure, especially paediatrics, to offset the additional costs of the COVID-19 outbreak for healthcare facilities and, on the other hand, floor hourly rate increase Assistance and support services for 23 euros.

Staying true to its original ambition, the 2023 social insurance financing law is noted is a turning point in favor of prevention especially thanks to the creation preventive appointments at key ages of lifeexpansion non-prescription examination and 100% coverage for those under 26Other sexually transmitted infections other than HIVbut also to expand into integrated management majors emergency contraception in pharmacies, without a doctor’s prescription. Parliamentary debates have also allowed to enrich the content of the law and to specify, for example, the content of preventive meetings: which will be personalized and adapted to the needs of each person, thus giving special attention during these meetings. identifying sexual and gender-based violence, mental health, infertility issues and carers. They will allow promoting physical and sports activities, healthy diet, and prevention of cancer and drug addiction.

creation a fourth year (internship) of the diploma in general medicineUnder the supervision of the university’s internship supervisors, it will enrich the training of our future doctors, which is carried out primarily in ambulatory conditions. The parliamentary discussion allowed to determine that this internship could allow the discovery of local health communities and could be carried out exclusively in hospital or out-of-hospital environment. Access to care will be improved by experimenting with the creation of death certificates by nurses.

Innovation is prioritized by implementing an innovative model funding of advanced therapy drugs This would allow for both cash flow protection for hospitals and payments linked to real-life outcomes. The experiment with cannabis for medical use has been extended for another year, and pharmacists will now be able to replace certain medical devices.

The discussion also allowed to enrich the actions in the field of the textautonomy. So related to the rulebook financial transparency and the horse supervision of institutions and medical and social services reinforced. In addition to two hours of social contact The addition of home care plans for seniors has sparked debate simplifying the use of the personalized autonomy allowance. Disability, re-education and rehabilitation course children with multiple disabilities or cerebral palsy was established and the role of CNSA in designing and implementing an information system for MDPH was confirmed.

Finally, LFSS 2023 marks the first phase public childcare service with the reform childcare supplement and pays special attention single parent familiesfor this, childcare allowance will be extended until the child turns 12, whereas today it stops at the age of six.

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