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This Thursday, January 19, the union called national holiday for they protest the pension reform project and the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 years. Mobilization followed by many demonstrators, especially in education and transportdespite government calls to avoid lockdowns.

Demonstrations are planned across France

As in many cities in France, traffic in Paris is very disrupted throughout the public transport network. Union plan rallies in more than 200 cities of the country, and hope On Thursday, January 19, the number of demonstrators reached one million. On the transport side, SNCF is planning traffic” very strongly disturbing » with a third TGV, even a fifth depending on the line and an average of eleven TER. The Paris Metro has also been reduced to the bare essentialsAccording to RATP, three lines are closed and another ten lines open only during peak times.

Whether many citizens have already taken to the streetsothers stayed warm in front of their computers and especially In front of their Twitter accounts. We have collected the best tweets for you with the hashtag #greve19janvier.

On the live broadcast, Mrs. Miss

When the journalist of BFM TV questioned her live, this woman left her train… The last one was under her eye, her interlocutor asked her her opinion about the strike against the pension reform. The accident is all the more frustrating when you know that very few trains are running this Thursday, January 19 due to public traffic.

Images from the demonstrations

Those who are glad that he didn’t go to class…

Then there are those who are not so lucky

There are those who support the strike against the pension reforms

Those who don’t know what they are doing there

And those who don’t care…

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