Renewal and strengthening of state assistance for the purchase of bicycles in 2023

From January 2023, more individuals will be able to get help to buy a traditional or electric bicycle, with eligibility thresholds increasing. Assistance is increased for the most vulnerable households and people with disabilities. And the conversion bonus is extended.

The assistance in purchasing bicycles Reinforced on August 15, 2022 and will be discontinued on December 28, 2022 (classic non-electric, electric, cargo, folding, disabled-friendly, electric trailer) updated until the end of December. 2023.

Enhancing the eco bike bonus

To “accompany more French people in the purchase of bicycles” (Ministry of Ecological Transition), for 2023eligibility for environmental bonus is mentioned :

  • For adult individuals resident in France, the reference tax income threshold per unit is between €13,489 and €14,089;
  • To benefit from the enhanced bonus, the tax income threshold per unit is increased from €6,300 to €6,358. The there are also disabled people enhanced bonus beneficiaries, without income conditions.

Bonus for buying a classic bike, without assisted pedalling, only applies to persons with a taxable income of €6,358 or less per unit, or to persons with disabilities. Its amount is a maximum of €150 (up to 40% of the purchase price).

Environmental bonus for buying an electric bike can reach the following amounts:

  • 300 € For an individual with a reference taxable income per unit equal to or less than €14,089
  • 400 € An individual or a person with a disability with a reference taxable income per share equal to or less than €6,358 (enhanced bonus).

Apply for a bike bonus

To benefit from the eco-bike bonus, You should buy a bike with the following features:

  • Must be new
  • Does not use lead acid battery
  • It must be a pedal-assisted circuit (equipped with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kilowatts, with the supply gradually decreasing and stopping when the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h or earlier). if the cyclist stops pedaling)
  • Finally, it must not be transferred by the recipient within a year of receipt.

steps for benefit from the environmental bonus It will happen within six months from the date of invoice of the bike on

List of required supporting documents:

  • a copy of a valid identity card, passport or residence permit
  • copy of proof of address less than three months old
  • a copy of the bicycle sales invoice
  • a copy of the latest tax notice
  • beneficiary’s bank account statement.

Conversion premium reassessment

A conversion bonus (or scrap bonus) is awarded for the purchase of a new or used electric bike, cargo bike or electric bike trailer. scrapping an old cardiesel or gasoline.

Limited to the amount of the conversion reward €1500 regardless of household income level (up to 40% of the purchase price of an electric bicycle). For a person with a reference taxable income of 6,358 euros or less per unit or a person with a disability, the conversion premium can reach 3,000 euros.

Environmental bonus and conversion bonus

An environmental bonus should not be confused with a conversion bonus.

The conversion bonus is a financial assistance paid to a natural or legal person who undertakes to scrap a polluting vehicle in exchange for a less polluting vehicle (electric bike, cargo bike, etc.).

the ecological bonus bike is a grant paid by the State to help buy a bicycle or “pedal assist cycle” (electric bicycle).

The bonus and reward can be combined, but you must submit a single request for both benefits on

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