Scholarships: this Breton received funding for the Yellow Vest Man

Fabrice Huet, president of the Loudeac Yellow Vest Union. ©The Independent Courier

What’s going on with your “Yellow Vest Union” association?

It still exists. We have about twenty members. But since the Covid crisis, we haven’t had public meetings and we’ve had a bit of a hard time getting back into business. Today, we are focused on certain goals, starting with the victory of the left. Put people, not finances, at the center of the project. We want the whole Left to gather in Nupes: without that, nothing is possible. It was this meeting, but today we clearly see that individual parties have some internal problems… Directions are about to change, we will see what will come out of it for PS. But we, as citizens, are rooted in the project of the leftist union in the 3rd district of the department, and we turn the page to Mark Le Feur. And it works now.

What do you mean by “putting the man back in the center”?

It’s not the fact that Elon Musk knows he lost 200 billion, it’s the person on Earth that matters. Not everything has to be profitable. The healthcare system, for example, was created to treat people, not to match prescriptions. But how can a novice nurse who earns 1,600 euros make ends meet in Paris? There is a failure, but we think it was done on purpose to sell us the privatization of the drug. The same for pensions: quietly, we are paving the way for the idea of ​​private pension funds. The dismantling of the civil service is accompanied by the disappearance of the world’s marketable jewels of French industry.

Will you participate in the movement against pension reform on January 19?

Our association does not intend to call for demonstrations, but it goes without saying that a few of us will attend. The state pedagogy in the pension issue is even more regrettable. Pension reforms, on average, come back every ten years, they tell us that this is not enough. And there, we are told about the sudden and unfair increase in the contribution period. No one denies that reform is necessary, but it should be fair, it should take into account issues such as “stifled” career, because today you have to be flexible, adapt, train… Career, what do we teach him at the age of 55? In addition, we are told that we will have to pay out of pocket for the personal training account. And then, is life expectancy really increasing? This is not so sure. They are trying to sell us a pathetic project that does not hold water, but this is Macron’s totem: no matter what we put in, it needs reform… We really need to put things right, we need to take this project back to us. He said that with the start of negotiations with employers, he returned to the trade union and would pave the way for real reforms.

The French are increasingly moving away from politics. Does this bother you?

Politics has lost its meaning. We think in lines, tweet, create laws just to react to this or that event… And when we confront certain characters with their contradictions, they are in complete denial. It used to still make you laugh. Now we’re saddened by it because people are resigning a lot… It’s sad. They say to themselves that we have tried the right, we have tried the left, there is no solution. Thus, they go to extremes with the results we see in the USA, Brazil, Italy, Hungary, and Poland. I did not expect to see this in my life. Immigration is not a bad word! France would not exist without its immigrants, but of course we have forgotten all these generations of Italians, Poles, Spaniards, and North Africans who came to work in our mines. And the worst part is that I understand the desperation of a part of the population: The Left has failed.

What drew your group of yellow vests to popular education?

The movement of the yellow vests started with 1.32 euros per liter of diesel. Today it is practically 2 euros, but no one goes out on the streets anymore. And there will be no revival. It’s such a heterogeneous movement, sometimes made up of irreconcilables, often with people who go round and round denying that they’re playing politics. We saw here the urgent need for public education. People understand how our institutions work. It is not the President of the Republic who controls everything in France… We will see GJs in the movement against the pension reform, but there will not be a majority, far from it! The complaint books showed this: people wanted radical change. But sometimes with chilling things to read like restoring the death penalty or abolishing abortion…

You claim real participatory democracy. No longer available?

Ever since we talked about “representative democracy”, organized great debates, Grenelles… At all levels, national, regional, inter-departmental or inter-communal, we talk to the people, but it’s not really worth it. Those who were elected generally did not understand that it was not because they were elected that they did not have to report. Macron represents 17-19% of the electorate, but they come to tell us that they are legitimate because they were elected. When we elect a mayor, we can’t know if he’ll want to build a velodrome or vote to raise the price of garbage collection. They organized public meetings for the introduction of household waste tax in LCBC. But that was after decisions were made…

However, you are a member of the Development Board of the Loudéac Communauté Bretagne Centre…

Yes, it is an interesting means of democratic participation, even if we only have an advisory opinion. It should be updated in March or April, but there won’t actually be an update: people don’t know it exists. However, there are citizens who are quite capable, have some experience and want to participate in the political life of their territory without being elected. There are many well-meaning people. But elected officials immediately consider you almost a competitor as soon as you ask a question, say at the velodrome. However, this is legitimate: affordable velodromes are almost non-existent in France. I love sports, but to worry about it is to create instant distrust. Why?

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