The Twitter Files: this plot that seems to have happened

The Twitter Files revealed the practices of the previous management of the social network.

This chain of statements posted on Musk’s social network with #TwittersFiles, it becomes clear these theories put forth by what the media still call “conspiracy theorists” have now been proven and we are slowly realizing that there is indeed a global movement decided by a small elite that aims to reduce them to the greatest extent possible. simple expression personal and basic liberties of the maximum individuals on the planet…

The discovery of the practices of large intelligence agencies, politicians and American administrations on the Twitter social network not only led to three letters between the American Democrats and the agencies (DOJ, CIA, Especially the FBI), the big capital of Silicon Valley: for several years, many people have explained that this movement is not limited to Twitter. allowed to give serious balls (it is absurdly obvious that all the important players of the big tech firms are involved. This deal), nor is it limited to the United States: now in most “Western democracies” there is little doubt that the discourse is controlled.

So we find the same official speeches everywhere, in Europe at the same time, putting forward the same stories, the same arguments. And that’s when reality finally caught up with highwaymen, politicians and TV pundits, the crowd started and different countries said different things, their different policies sometimes contradicting each other, increasing. appears later.

In this context, the #TwitterFiles has only been an accelerator of these disagreements and only confirms what will break down when the consensus of the West is no longer valid: gradually the plans of the elite are revealed, the plans are moreover openly announced and explained in various books. various documents were made public in interviews given by these political leaders, these heads of major global companies and these heads of media networks. This is a plan to completely overturn the world we live in, to establish a world government without the people’s authority, which allows to eliminate all traces of democracy, that is, the certain autonomy of countries among themselves. say (and this is a good thing, because according to this elite, it is better managed than itself, it is obvious, see!)…

It is now clear that there was indeed a consensus of understanding, opinion and action among these various groups to more or less achieve this result. It is not even a conspiracy, because everything has been made public as it is, and everything has been put in place to reduce the freedom of individuals to its simplest expression, to make governments “unequal” by subverting them to the point of being useless and unrepresentative.

So, over a few crucial years and using a rapid succession of crises (with strict application of the doctrine of “Shock and Awe”), freedoms of movement, expression, bodily autonomy (“my body, my choice” but mysterious needles, eh) – the most basic three freedoms – under direct attack. Even freedom of religion, and with it all other freedoms (such as trade or association) formed the pillars of these Western states, which until then had been mixed with human rights.

This is neither an exaggeration nor a theory, and it is now officially recognized: from the September 11, 2001 attacks to at least the 2020 pandemic, every crisis has been an opportunity for Western powers to avert each crisis, say democracies. Taking the time to increase these freedoms and the prosecution of its citizens.

At the same time, the same crises were the opportunity to do everything to concentrate multinational trade while destroying small local enterprises, the explosion of energy prices until the latest bill presented in these columns, passing through the intransigence of all mephitic administrations. areas (especially financial and social) are just a few recent examples of this trend, which has been evident for years. Everything is done so that artisans, small traders and family businesses disappear in favor of large groups, large operators whose structures are easier to control and manipulate from the point of view of statesmen.

Moreover, the disappearance of small business as a result of the concentration of large groups and political-economic subversion is not a far-fetched theory, it is once again a simple application of the principles described in the mind-numbing pen of the great comic Schwab. A “Great Reset” that doesn’t offer anything else about them.

The same goes for CBDCs: these digital currencies of Central Banks, mentioned many times in these columns, will allow citizens to control a point never reached in Human History: every transaction, every exchange will be verified by the state and therefore, by extension, authorized or prohibited. Implementing a “Carbon Pass” or equivalent would be simpler in this context and would also allow these CBDCs to set consumption quotas for anything and everything that would make it easier to audit, enforce and penalize.

Yes, there is no doubt: everything has been done – and continues to be done – to ensure that the power and control of the population is concentrated in a limited number of hands!

Best of all, there wasn’t even a plot: everything was explained, planned, planned, in plain sight for anyone to see (for example, Agenda 2030 is available for free).

In this context, to paraphrase Baudelaire, the best trick of these Devils is to convince you that they are not.

This article was originally published on H16: Click HERE

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