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Today at Expresso : strike against pension reform, PS congress, decriminalization of cannabis and Manfred Weber’s criticism of Andrej Babis and Emmanuel Macron.

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RESEARCH: Russian fuel in Ukraine. According to the data provided exclusively to EURACTIV Bulgaria by the Bulgarian National Institute of Statistics, in 2022, Ukraine bought a significant amount of Russian oil from Bulgaria. Request co-signed by Antonia Kotseva and Krassen Nikolov.


THE INTERVIEW. According to one member of the European Parliament, the EU Conservatives will soon establish themselves as a “necessary interlocutor”. Conservative MEP Vincenzo Sofo (Fratelli d’Italia) told EURACTIV Italy that after the upcoming European elections, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group will experience significant growth and become a necessary partner to build strong alliances. Find the interview with Federica Pascale.


ENERGY • Power grid: “much of the risk is behind us,” according to RTE. But be careful, low temperatures and strikes in the sector against the pension reform may affect the available reserves. Details with Paul Messad.


PENSION • A big strike in perspective, EDF agents reduce electricity production. A strong mobilization against the pension reform is expected on Thursday. The country will slow down, especially in transportation and schools. On Tuesday evening, EDF agents reduced electricity production in the warehouses. Facts with Theo Bourgery-Gonse.


POLITICS • Olivier Faure soon established his own destiny at the head of the Socialist Party. The second round of the first secretary of the Socialist Party takes place this Thursday (January 19) and will pit Olivier Faure against “outsider” Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. Although he is well ahead, nothing is resolved for the outgoing first secretary. Decoding Davide Basso.


HEALTH • Marijuana: The French government believes its legalization in Europe is far from a “success”. The decriminalization of cannabis in some European countries does not convince France. During the hearings held in the Senate on January 18, the representative of the ministers, Valéry Saintoyant, reiterated the government’s strong opposition position. Clara Bauer-Babef followed the debates.


ECONOMY • Demographic transition: European Commission warns against workforce cuts. The European Commission wants to help regions train, retain and attract workers to limit the negative impact of the demographic transition on regional economies, as well as to address the continent’s shrinking workforce. Article by Sylvia Ellena.


TECH • UK: Online Safety Act is slowly but surely moving forward. The UK’s Online Safety Act passed a major legislative milestone on Tuesday (17 January), but objections from some parliamentarians continue to hamper its progress. From Molly Killeen, our tech reporter.


AGRICULTURE • EU loopholes allow the use of banned toxic pesticides. Banned pesticides, considered toxic to humans and the environment, are still routinely used in the EU because they are often used in emergency situations, according to a new report. Details of Natasha Foote from Brussels.



United Kingdom: bill aimed at repealing thousands of European laws. The UK government avoided criticism from the opposition and its own Tory MPs on Wednesday (January 18) by putting forward a bill that could see thousands of EU laws removed from British law. Details with Benjamin Fox, a political journalist specializing in Brexit.


Czech presidential election: Manfred Weber surprised by reception of ‘Putin’s friend’ at Elysee. On the presidential ambitions of former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO, Update), EPP leader Manfred Weber says that nobody wants to see Andrej Babis at the European level. Our Czech correspondents Aneta Zachova and Katerina Zichova were present.


In Davos, Olaf Scholz avoids any commitment to supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. During his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refrained from commenting on the controversial issue of the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Back to his performance with Julia Dahm.


Bulgarian officials still do not officially recognize arms exports to Ukraine. nor did they know that Ukraine was the final destination for Bulgaria’s record arms exports in 2022. Explanations from ground correspondent Krassen Nikolov.


Qatargate: Despite Pier-Antonio Panzeri’s accusations, Marc Tarabella says he is ‘calm’. Belgian MP Marc Tarabella (S&D), accused by former MEP Pier-Antonio Panzeri (S&D) of being involved in the corruption system at the heart of the European Parliament, told Belgian television on Wednesday. RTL was “quiet” and again denied receiving any money or gifts from Qatar. Article signed by Anne-Sophie Gayet.


In the Netherlands, cybercrime has tripled since 2019, while traditional crime is declining. Essentials with Sofia Stuart Leeson.

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