World Handball 2023 – France vs Iran: players, TV, program

Following their win over Montenegro on Tuesday, France can qualify for the quarter-finals if they beat Iran this Friday. A task within reach of Guillaume Gille’s players, the Iranians have already been eliminated if they are still unbeaten after 4 games. France/Montenegro presentation, 2nd game of the second round of the 2023 handball world.

World Handball 2023: The French quiet

The French team, which won against Montenegro with a big score of 35-24, came one step closer to the quarter-finals. A win against Iran this Friday would confirm qualification (see various conditions below) and move closer to the final match against Spain with the possibility of manpower rotation.

The success against the Montenegrins gave maximum confidence to the group, especially to 2 players, Vincent Gerrard and Melvin Richardson. The goalkeeper of the French team, who was chosen as the player of the match with 15 saves, disgusted the opposing attackers and held the referendum match in this competition. The Blues right-back, for his part, rattled opposition defenses with a total of 10 goals and also had his best match of World Handball 2023. Against the Iranians, the French team will need these players. In this match, give everyone playing time to keep the rhythm for some and rest for others. The deal is simple, if Guillaume’s men win, they will advance to the quarter finals!

Composition of the French team

Guardians : Charles Bolzinger (Montpellier HB) – Remi Desbonnet (Montpellier HB) – Vincent Gérard (Saint Raphaël Var HB)

Left wing players : Mathieu Grebille (Paris SG HB) – Dylan Nahi (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Left backs : Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes) – Nikola Karabatic (Paris SG HB) – Romain Lagarde (Pauc) – Elohim Prandi (Paris SG HB)

Center halves : Kentin Mahé (Veszprèm) – Nedim Remili (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Pivots : Ludovic Fabregas (FC Barcelona) – Luka Karabatic (Paris SG HB) (cap) – Nicolas Tournat (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Right backs : Dika Mem (FC Barcelona) – Melvyn Richardson (FC Barcelona)

Right wing players : Yanis Lenne (Montpellier HB) – Valentin Porte (Montpellier HB).

Trainer : G. Gilles

Handball World Cup 2023: Iran wants to have fun

Entering this main round with 0 points, Iran knew that the hopes for the 1/4 finals were weak. Unsurprisingly, the Iranians did not perform miracles, being eliminated after a 21-38 loss to Slovenia. This came on top of previous defeats against Spain and Montenegro in the first round.

Iran remain an underrated team with only one player playing outside of his home country, central midfielder Pouya Norouzinezhad (Eintracht Hagen). Mohammadreza Oraei, who has scored 20 goals since the start of the competition, will be a key player for the French side. On the other hand, Iran’s defense is struggling with nearly 33 goals conceded per game, which will require the French to set a rhythm to prevent Iran from breathing during this game. The favorite of this confrontation, the French national team, which is the first in history, should take seriously this opponent, which is considered the weakest of Group I, and do its job.

Composition of the Iranian team

Guardians : Ali Rahimikazerooni (Shahid Shameli Kazerun) – Mohammad Siavoshishahenayati (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) – Omid Reza Robat Sarpoushi (Sanat Mes Kerman)

Left wing players : Mohammadreza Kazemi (Shahid Shameli Kazerun) – Moktaba Heidarpour (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) –

Left backs : Afsin Sadeghi Askari (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) – Reza Yadegaridehkordi (Sanat Mes Kerman) – Shahab Sadeghzadeh (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan)

Center halves : Mehrdad Samsami (Shahid Shameli Kazerun) – Mohammadmahdi Behnamnia (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) – Pouya Norouzinezhad Gharehlou (VfL Eintracht Hagen)

Pivots : Ali Kouhzad (Shahid Shameli Kazerun) – Salaman Barbat (Sanat Mes Kerman) – Yasin Kabirianjoo (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan)

Right backs : Mohammadreza Oraei (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) – Saber Heidari Ramsheh (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan) – Vahid Masoudi Marghmaleki (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan)

Right wing players : Mohammad Kiani (Foolad Sepahan Isfahan)

Trainer : Veselin Vujovic

Situation in Group I (Krakow, Poland)

  1. Spain 6 points (+22)
  2. France 6 points (+17)
  3. Slovenia 4 points (+22)
  4. Montenegro 2 points (-13)
  5. Poland 0 points (-15)
  6. Iran 0 points (-33)

The French team qualified for the 1/4 finals…

  • They win against Iran, while Slovenia draws or loses against Spain
  • They draw with Iran, while Slovenia faces Spain

Handball World Cup 2023: How to watch France / Iran match?

France/Montenegro match will be broadcast live on BeIN Sports 1 channel from 18:00.

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