Handball. World Cup 2023: After the victory against Iran, France-Spain is still in danger

Mondial 2023 (Main Tour). Iran-France: 29-41

The Blues, who have a better overall goal difference (+29 vs. +27) than the Spaniards, will finish top of Group I if they don’t lose. They will then face the runners-up of Group III (Germany, Norway, Serbia or the Netherlands); is the first in case of defeat.

There’s no way they’ll be counted on to pick their opponents in Wednesday’s quarter-finals in Gdansk, Poland.

On the one hand, because Group III will play a day later, it will be difficult for them to predict who will finish first or second.

On the other hand, Ludovic Fabregas, the pivot of a team that has won five matches, because they intend to “continue their dynamics” before the ax matches.

“You have to play a lot, you have to stay in this good series. “It’s important to play a full match to see where we are against the opponent in the last four,” he said.

The Olympic champions have never faced opposition of this caliber in the competition, which will be good preparation ahead of the quarters. “(This game) is so important to really up the ante before we get to the top of the world in the quarters. We will play without thinking, without thinking about ourselves,” said right wing player Yannis Lenne.

“Never Neutral”

Played for FC Barcelona (2017-2019) where Lenne Fabregas, Melvin Richardson and Dika Mem still play.

The Spanish have six to play in the French championship (Pechina in Aix, Maqueda and Odriozola in Nantes, Fernandez in Limoges, Sole in Paris and Figueras in Chartres) and the two neighboring teams have crossed paths very regularly in the competition for almost 30 years. old.

Also, Blues coach Guillaume Gille believes that France-Spain is “never a neutral match, always important”.

“I think beating the Spaniards will make everyone happy,” third baseman Charles Bolzinger added.

Lady, finally back?

Dika Mem, still injured with an abdominal injury against Iran, has not played since the opening game against Poland (26-24), on January 11: if it is necessary to be very fair again against the Spaniards, he would approach the quarter-finals without competition. two weeks on the legs.

Also, Gille would “in an ideal world” want to give the Barça right-back, one of the best players in the world, some game time against Spain so he can find some rhythm ahead of the match.

“So how will things (injury) develop?” It remains very uncertain. There are hopes, we think we can restore it after some time. However, it is difficult to control this delay,” Gille commented.

Nikola Karabatic was retained against the Iranians in Wednesday’s blowout of Montenegro (45-24). “We had to lighten up his joint a little bit. (For him) we will also take all precautions,” Gille said.

The coach did not have any new injuries a priori, moreover, one of the problems of the match against Spain is regretted. And in order not to get hurt, according to Mathieu Grébille, it is better not to “calculate”.

“Then, sure, if there’s a ball to tear ourselves away at the risk of getting caught at the end of the match, we might not go,” the left-back added.

Information sheet

Judges: MM. A. Konjicanin and D. Konjicanin (BIH), then Gubica and Milosevic (CRO).


Goals: Kabirianjoo (4 goals from 5 shots), Noruzi (2/4), Yadegaridehkordi (4/7), Heidari Ramseh (2/2 from penalties), Oraei (4/9), Behnamnia (3/6), Kazemi (3/4), Kiani (2/2), Sadighi Askari (3/10), Sadiqzade (2/3).

Goalkeepers: Siyavoshishahenayati (8 saves on 35 shots), Rahimikazerooni (2/13), Robat Sarpoushi (0/1).

Temporary exceptions: Oraei (1:31, 32:15), Kazemi (6:35), Kouhzad (8:44, 28:28), Masoudi Marghmaleki (19:27), Masoudi Marghmaleki (51:30).

Head coach: Veselin Vujacic (MTN).


Markers: Lenne (4/4), Remilly (3/6), Lagarde (1/1), Richardson (5/6 including 3/3 sp), Prandi (5/6), Turnat (6/7), Mahé (1/2 including 1/2 sp), Fabregas (2/3), Nahi (1/1), Briet (6/10), Porte (2/3), Grebille (4/4), L. Karabatic (1/1).

Goalie: Desbonnet (9/23), Bolzinger (6/21).

Suspension: Lenne (11:11).

Head coach: Guillaume Gille.

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