Is Twitter Blue worth paying for?

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he made significant changes to the platform. This includes Twitter Blue, which has new features and a higher price.

But is Twitter Blue worth it?

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue offers users two things: the ability to draw attention to their account by adding a blue or gold (for business) icon, and access to exclusive features and benefits. In return, users have to pay $11 per month for iOS users and $8 per month for web users (Blue is not yet available on Android via Google Play).

Twitter Blue is currently only available in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Is Twitter Blue worth paying for?

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You need to consider three parameters to make a decision. First, are you a casual or very engaged Twitter user? Second, what do you use Twitter for? And finally, what are the alternatives?

Before we deliver our verdict, let’s take a look at what Twitter Blue has to offer.

1. Blue and gold markings

If you’re looking to get your tweets noticed, well, Twitter promises to prioritize tweets from verified users, which will “promote your tweets to the top of replies, mentions and searches.”

If this is true, then getting a blue or gold (for business) badge can be very interesting to stand out in the Twitter landscape. This is especially important for public figures and businesses that need to promote their ideas or products.

2. Edit Tweets

The editing feature is very popular and has been in demand for a long time. Users who post a lot of tweets or long threads will appreciate being able to edit their tweets as much as they want within the first 30 minutes after sending, eliminating long-standing frustration.

3. Delete tweets

Ironically, the Cancel Tweet option slows down your Twitter experience by delaying your Tweet before it goes live, and some users prefer to turn it off.

4. Bookmark the folders

This feature can be very important for archiving important tweets in an organized manner, so you can easily find them when needed.

5. The best articles

If you use Twitter to consume content or follow the news, exclusive access to the top stories being discussed or shared by your network can be a great feature for you.

6. NFT Profile Pictures

If you’re into cryptocurrency, you have the option to tag it by customizing your Twitter profile using NFT.

7. Personalization

Twitter Blue allows you to rearrange and change the color of the icons in your interface. This is convenient for power users as it enhances their experience by highlighting the most used keys and giving them a choice of aesthetics.

8. Download videos longer

You can upload up to sixty minutes of 1080p (Full HD) video to Twitter Blue. This feature is extremely useful for content creators, businesses and public figures who use Twitter as their primary communication platform.

Problems with Twitter Blue

There are a few issues with Twitter Blue that could hurt its value.

1. Tick loss

When subscribers change their username, screen name, or profile picture, they will temporarily lose their checkmark until their account is reviewed. This can happen at the wrong time (for example, during a promotional campaign). Also, those whose accounts were verified before Musk’s arrival will lose their token permanently and have to pay to get it back.

2. Requirement for phone number

Your account must be linked to your phone number before verification. The company says it’s to combat identity theft, but considering Twitter has been hacked in the past, we think it’s a personal security nightmare.

3. Advertisements

Twitter Blue doesn’t remove ads, and political ads are back on Twitter, which may frustrate some users. The subscription simply promises that users will see 50% fewer ads. If you pay for a service, should ads be part of the service? We don’t think so.

Is Twitter Blue worth it?

If you’re a casual Twitter user, there’s no need to pay $8 or $11 per month (US users) unless Twitter Blue offers a completely ad-free experience or an algorithm upgrade that fundamentally changes your Twitter experience.

If you tweet for business or are a super user who uses Twitter all day, then the cost is negligible and Twitter Blue is worth it.

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