Metz. Lorrain competes for the World Pastry Cup

After six months of intensive training, Jérémy Massing is ready to face twenty of the best teams from five continents. In Lyon, as part of Sirha (International Catering, Hotel and Food Show), he is responsible for the “sugar” part of the French training. He is accompanied by Georges Kousanas for chocolate and Jana Lai for ice cream. They will work in public places, in the atmosphere of a football stadium. They will be looking to overtake the victorious Italy in 2021. This competition has been held every two years since 1989. It boosted the careers of great professionals like Frederik Michalak, Julien Alvarez or Pierre Marcolini.

Jérémy Massing has had an atypical career, to say the least. He spent his youth in Marly and Montigny-lès-Metz, in the Moselle, and he graduated in mathematics at Metz! “I actually started going to medical school, but after two months I realized it wasn’t for me,” says the French team’s pastry chef. “I took up baking to catch up the rest of that year and won the Grand Est selection for Best Amateur Pasta. I was particularly motivated by the first prize: a meal at Jean-Georges Klein’s three-star restaurant in Arnsburg. I met great professionals and my interest in this field increased. »

BA in Mathematics and CAP in Pastry

The late Frank Fresson, who organized this event, saw him and encouraged him to take pastry in Cepal de Lajou in addition to his math lessons. There he was able to receive the training of Jean-Philippe Walser in particular. He worked at famous establishments such as La Fourchette des Ducs in Obernai, Le Prince de Galles in Paris. “I am registered for the selection for the World Cup to be held in Paris on March 29, 2022 as part of Europain. I was chosen especially after creating exotic fruit entremets. The funny thing is, I had already won a macaron competition by making passion fruit, mango and vanilla! »

Mosellan will provide the “sugar” part. “It’s the area where I’m most prepared,” he admits. “My friend Georges Kousanas is good for chocolate and we are joined by Jana Lai for ice cream. “Two of his teammates are in France, in vocational training, but they are Greek and Australian citizens respectively! This international recruitment is permitted by the rules of the World Cup. Frenchman Julien Alvarez also won the title under the colors of Spain in 2011…

The trio will have to create three pieces of art: one in chocolate, one in sugar 165 cm and one in water ice 50 cm. 3 chocolate cakes to share, 3 frozen desserts with fruit puree, 26 ice creams to eat in one bite, 10 restaurant desserts including dairy… All in 10 hours! Among the twenty teams are champions Italy, Japan, USA, Argentina, Ghana, Chile, Great Britain. Not to mention Malaysia who won in 2019.

The preparation was both physically and technically challenging. Real commando training! “We were able to work in the laboratories at the Alain Ducasse training center in Argenteuil. We developed the recipes with our trainer, MOF pastry chef Yann Brys. We practiced gestures, timing, use of space and special equipment. Aesthetics are important, the general public maintains it, but taste prevails. The most beautiful pieces do not guarantee victory, because taste is the basis of our professions. »

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Whatever the outcome, Jérémy Massing will benefit from this experience. Professionally and personally. “This is a wonderful human adventure! This world championship allowed me to meet extraordinary people. I learned a lot. »

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