Russia is installing air defense systems in Moscow

PAUL GYPTEAU / AFP A number of media reported that Russia has installed anti-aircraft defense systems on the rooftops of Moscow and around the Russian capital (Illustrative photo of Pantsir-S1 taken in Syria in December 2015).

WAR IN UKRAINE – Is the war changing to the extent that Moscow fears reprisals deep into its territory? As Ukraine’s allies gather this Friday, January 20, in Ramstein, Germany, to discuss the weapons they will provide, Russia is preparing to attack.

Various OSINT specialists (from open source research, i.e., from images and documents available on the Internet) were able to confirm that anti-aircraft defense equipment was installed on the roofs of the Russian capital in recent hours, but located at a distance of 500 kilometers. from the front line. A news that Moscow has so far refused to disclose, although local media – through the Kremlin – have passed on the information.

But as several accounts and reference media revealed, Pantsir-S1 type batteries were thus installed on top of the main Defense building, as well as the building housing the Moscow District Education Department near the Kremlin. Others were eventually seen and filmed on the outskirts of Rublevka, the affluent western suburb of the capital where Vladimir Putin lives.

Fear of drone strikes

An insignificant maneuver, since the Pantsir-S1 is an impressive machine. It is a heavy vehicle covered with several weapons and therefore the Russian authorities had to mobilize huge cranes to lift these heavily armed trucks onto the roofs of buildings.

However, looking at the capabilities of such a machine, it’s hard to see anything other than expect possible – if not likely – hits in such a maneuver. Indeed, Pantsir-S1 is primarily used to combat combat aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles. And potentially, it could face long-range drones, such as those recently successfully tested by Ukrainian troops.

Avoid being surprised

Devices capable of hitting a distance of a thousand kilometers from the starting point can reach Moscow from the territory under the control of Ukraine. In this case, already in December, Kyiv was thanks to drones that tried to strike enemy bases on Russian territory. At that time, the Engels air base, located 600 kilometers from the border, was targeted.

Therefore, as written watchman, the question is, what is Russia really up to? Is this just a show of muscle in the context of the Ramstein summit, a game driven by the paranoia of Kremlin leaders, or a response to real threats from Ukraine?

This means that the government is fully aware of the risks and knows very well that strikes on Moscow and its region are only a matter of time.analysis watchman Alexander Kots, pro-Moscow Russian journalist. They are right to prepare so much in advance rather than waiting for the first blows. »

Allegations that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on, giving the ball back to the military. “ They are responsible for ensuring the security of the country in general and the capital in particular, so it is better to ask the Ministry of Defense about all the measures taken. “, he said during a press conference on Friday, January 20. Which ministry has not commented yet.

Russian threats

The installation of these anti-aircraft batteries comes in the wake of a conflict in which Moscow has stepped up strikes on civilian targets, such as a residential building in the Dnieper that killed dozens of people. Perhaps Russia fears being targeted in this way by the country it invaded last February. special operation » dreamed of successfully completing it in three days?

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While the West is considering sending heavy tanks and Kyiv has already acquired advanced anti-missile systems, Moscow fears reasserting control in the face of an invasion of Ukraine anyway. ” In the context of a nuclear war, the defeat of a nuclear power can turn into a nuclear war. For example, he recently warned Dmitry Medvedev, the former president and prime minister of Russia, that he currently holds a high position in the Russian Security Council.

In any case, one thing is certain: this installation of anti-aircraft defense systems contradicts some Sergey Lavrov’s latest statements, Minister of Defense of Russia. ” Ukraine deploys air defense systems in residential areas, ignoring all laws of war and humanitarian law. “, recently charged. A way of saying that the Ukrainians are trying to accuse their enemies of targeting them if they try to destroy the population by setting up such systems in civilian areas. Russia will do the same.

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