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Persona 4 Gold

Here we will start with the simplest part: The current console version of Persona 4 Golden is the final version of Persona 4. And for once, the PC version was also replaced, since then we have been using it Japanese dub as well as full French translation! No doubt a patch will be released on PC as well, but in the meantime the 3 consoles clearly dominate.

Find the full review of Persona 4 Golden

Enjoy the picturesque streets of Inaba, lunch in June, going to school and the mysteries of the Midnight Channel. You have no reason to miss Persona 4 Golden vintage 2023. If I review the title again on PS4 for a few hours before sharing my opinion with you (after all, I posted a full test for you when it was released on PC), I will definitely recommend the Switch version more, for day-to-day nomadic enjoyment.

The title’s setup and difficulty options make it an experience to live in your bed at night, in traffic, or during midday breaks, whether for extra solar activities, social relationship management, or nightly visits to tiered dungeons. .

I really wish you could discover and experience Persona 4 Golden in this way to make full use of it. For me, it beats Persona 5 in terms of commitment, but it’s very personal because Persona 4 Golden accompanied me on my PSVita for weeks and days.

So I won’t dwell on this release, For a closer look at Persona 3 Portable.

Persona 3 Portable

The first modern release for Persona 3, and probably everyone’s most anticipated episode. This is the first newsit also benefits from a full translation into French, is a key asset in this release. Nevertheless, it is necessary adapt this good news a little.

Persona 3 is the episode with the most versions since its first release in Europe in 2008. Improved version like P4G and P5R Persona 3 FES was born a few months later, bringing its share of innovations, and in particular, an additional part called “. Answer“, as well as the inability to fully control his allies outside of difficult, indirect commands. But the game is also known Third release on PSP in 2011, with some loopholes, along with other interesting innovations. And it is this version that is offered to us with HD smoothing, decorated with a new epilogue.

We have the feeling of developing a pure Visual Novel more than ever

Persona 3 Portable version 2023 is what I would call suspect, without being bad. A more appropriate term would be disappointing“. Atlus missed the mark to deliver a true Ultimate version It will combine all content from FES and Portable, as well as gameplay enhancements – such as team control – while providing access to different versions and content in terms of cutscenes from all versions in one library, Persona 4 Golden image.

Rumor has it that the FES code is so confusing that starting with Portable is the most logical choice. and probably the cheapest (while waiting for the actual repair?). Meanwhile, apart from the original entry, The presentation of Persona 3 Portable will be amazingespecially if you have already used P4G and P5R.

P3P for PSP not only removed several cutscenes to replace them still shooting which is image capability were raised a little hastily. All adventure outside of dungeons now plays like thisVisual Novel and Point’n Click for dialogues and exploration. On the plus side, we’re still winning better control of his team during battles and especially female protagonist offers true replayability.

In effect, ‘Elle’ is not just an aesthetic choice for gamersbut there is a female protagonist changes in the development of the script, which is not available for the male protagonist, and above all more opportunities with their Social Links. The game also recommends playing through the game with the male protagonist first before playing again with the female protagonist, the main story is closely tied to the first character.

Chronologically, Persona 3 Portable effectively takes a step back and thus places itself well ahead of the P4G and P5R upgrades.. It’s a little disappointing for new players, especially in terms of the story, the game is less paced and addictive than its sequels. With a fairly strict schedule dictating the appearance of the bosses (it’s up to you to reach the boss floor in Tartarus before he arrives), you’ll spend more time on your school life and relationships than traveling through evil ways. Dark hour.

Social Links are also less well managed because they only affect combat, experience, and fusion stats without really bringing anything else. Persona 3 predates its sequels (obviously, but you need to integrate that fact well to avoid disappointment) and it hasn’t really been reworked in terms of gameplay, except for the control of allies and the difficulty level (I advise). reduce it a bit, otherwise you will suffer a lot from the game and rather unnecessary Tartarus), it is legitimate to be less optimized.

It is no longer possible to move directly through environments

That is, as I said above Atlus was able to offer us the Ultimate version of P3 along with P3P with FES content.gameplay improvements, a video and audio gallery to enjoy various reworked OSTs and animated cutscenes, the return of much more pleasant 3D exploration, and better time management in exploring Tartarus (which is the only accessible dungeon). It’s great to have it on all platforms, but we can’t help but wonder what this version could be. Especially after the release of Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight and the integration of SEES into Crossover Persona 4 Arena Ultimax brought the episode back to the fore.

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