The US military is not optimistic about the duration of the conflict

ANDRE PAIN / AFP US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and US Chief of Staff Mark Milley after a meeting at Ramstein, after which the US base in Germany is named.

WAR IN UKRAINE – New aid far beyond Kiev’s expectations. He will be ” very hard “ The withdrawal of the Russian army from the territory of Ukraine by the end of the year was announced on Friday, January 20, by the American Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, at a press conference held at the Ramstein American base in Germany.

“From a military point of view, I still say that it will be very difficult to remove Russian forces from all the occupied territories of Ukraine.[…] That doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But it will be very, very difficult.”the general declared that at the end of this important meeting of the allied countries in Kiev on the issue of military support, however, due to the hesitation of “Germany” no decision was made regarding the sending of heavy tanks to Ukraine.

But the general adds that it is entirely possible “For the Ukrainians to carry out a significant offensive (…) to liberate as much territory as possible”, But “It will depend on the delivery of equipment and training.” It should be noted that US intelligence expects Ukrainian troops to launch a counterattack in the spring, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the press and stressed the importance of allies helping Kiev prepare for it.

For delivery of materials, “We have a window of opportunity between now and spring… As soon as they start their operation, they start their counterattack.”, announced. “ Not much time, and we need to get the right skills together.”Lloyd Austin said.

While awaiting the green light from Berlin, various additional military aid packages recently pledged by several countries are being offered to Ukrainian forces. “the skills they need to be successful” despite being on the ground, the head of the Pentagon emphasized.

Constant demand from Kiev

For his part, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zekensky on Friday once again called on the West to speed up the delivery of heavy weapons, especially tanks. On the other hand, this meeting, which is important for Kyiv, did not lead to any concrete decision on the upcoming supply of German-made tanks “Leopoard”, which Ukraine insists on.

Supporters of Ukraine have been warning for months that one of the biggest risks for the country “tiredness” Almost a year after the Russian invasion, Western capitals are settling in: if interest or sympathy for the country wanes, or if inflation in food and energy prices prompts Western leaders to focus more on their own national issues.

Question “discussed” But “No decision has been made”Despite the great expectations about this meeting, the new Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius, stated. Indeed, the reluctance of some countries to provoke Moscow by supplying heavy weapons such as tanks explains why some of Kiev’s allies are taking time to act on their decisions.

“Yes, we will still have to fight for the supply of modern tanks, but we are making it clearer every day that there is no other solution than to make a decision on tanks.”, Vladimir Zelensky reacted to the evening’s speech with a video. ” Our partners are principled and will support Ukraine to the extent necessary for our victory “, he added.

During the Ramstein meeting this Friday, the US, UK, Sweden and Denmark announced significant new arms supplies to Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky quoted “Several hundred combat vehicles added to Arsenal” ukrainian “Significant conclusions regarding missiles and anti-aircraft systems”. Meanwhile, Finland announced 400 million euros in military aid to Ukraine, its largest contribution to date, including artillery and ammunition.

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