Euro. The town of Frenelles-en-Vexin still ignores the swearing-in ceremony

Aline Bertou, mayor of Frenelles-en-Vexin (Eure), instead of the traditional congratulatory ceremony, presents the magazine that residents receive in their mailboxes. © The Impartial

Municipality after 2021 and 2022 Frenelles-en-Vexin (Euro) chose not to hold a vow ceremony for the third year in a row.

This time the decision was dictated not by the health context, but by the economic situation.

“We cannot demand hard work from citizens, and the municipality does not make any effort on its side. This is not the value of the vow ceremony, but the principle.

Aline Bertou, Mayor of Frenelles-en-Veix

2023 is still very uncertain

This highlights the uncertainty surrounding the municipality’s finances.

“We’ll see how 2023 goes with the different growth we have to face. Then we’ll make our dreams come true again in 2024.”

24 page glossy magazine

In the absence of the ceremony, residents of Frenelles-en-Vex (Boisemont, Corny and Fresne-l’Archevêque) received a 24-page magazine in their mailboxes.

This annual glossy magazine was entirely financed by the thirty or so advertisers for whose contributions Aline Bertouw is sincerely grateful.

“This magazine is a reflection of just last year. We strive to accommodate a wide range of memories that you can cherish for years to come. There you will find maximum information about the activities of the municipality of Frenelles-en-Vexin, “he writes in an editorial.

Dynamism and humanism

The competent mayors of the cities of Fresne-l’Archevêque and Corny, Guy Burette and pascal bernard there was also a word.

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Guy Burette was pleased with the dynamism in terms of civil status with more births (7), marriages, PACS (3) and fewer deaths (2). The city also welcomed new residents.

Pascal Bernard, in turn, shapes humanistic aspirations.

“We must take care of our elders, be careful of our neighbors, protect our children, support families in difficult situations, and help the most vulnerable people.”

And let’s conclude with a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “When it comes to the future, it’s not about foreseeing it, it’s about making it possible.”

The arrival of fiber is inevitable

As for the future, 2023 will be remembered for the arrival of fiber, which we have been talking about for several years.

Aline Bertou notes: “The job has been accepted, now we are waiting for the three-month legal period for marketing.”

This should happen in late January and early February for the devolved municipalities of Boisemont and Corney, and in March for Fresne-l’Archevêque.

More details later in the “how to join?” »

Service dedicated to identity cards and passports

A new local service will also see the light of day in Frenelles-en-Vexin. The mayor tells us more.

“Since the establishment of the new commune, I have been fighting so that we can issue ID cards and passports. The government has finally given us a device to make or renew ID cards and passports. “.

He hopes to soon be able to offer this service to his own citizens and, more broadly, to residents of neighboring municipalities.

“After four weeks, they will connect the system with us. In eight days, someone will come back to explain how it works. I hope that we will start working by the end of February.”

In the meantime, small works have been done to accommodate the office in the town hall to welcome the applicants in good conditions. “We are ready to receive them.”

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