Scholarships, Faure confirmed, Franco-German alliance… Highlights from the weekend

After-sales service from the government on pension reform before submission to the Council of Ministers

Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt defended the “redistributive” pension reform in the JDD this Sunday, January 22, and intended to “restore maximum equality” ahead of his presentation to the Council of Ministers (which will open the legislative course). text confirming that the increase in small pensions will also concern current pensioners.

BFM TV guest, government spokesman Olivier Veran, opened the door to possible “mandatory” measures against companies to facilitate the employment of the elderly. On Saturday evening, Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal told Le Parisien that, in this regard, the executive is “very open to proposals to look at incentives, retraining and mandatory measures for companies without taboos. game”. In its project, the government is betting on a “top index”, which aims primarily to change the behavior of companies, but which leaves trade unions highly suspect.

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About 150,000 walk for the youth demonstration against the pension reform

The march of the youth organizations was not supported by the main student union, Unef.

About 150,000 people marched against the pension reform in Paris on Saturday afternoon, according to youth organizations that initiated the demonstration. “We are 150,000. #Marche21Janvier is a great success,” Colin Champion, president of La Voix Lycéenne, wrote on Twitter, while L’Alternative, another student union, hailed the “very massive mobilization with the call of the youth”. . But this is far less than on January 19, when the inter-union mobilization brought together more than a million demonstrators.

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The re-election of Olivier For as head of the PS was confirmed

Montage by Olivier Faure (D), first secretary of the PS, and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, mayor of Rouen, on January 18, 2023 Credit: AFP - Stefano RELLANDINI, Joël SAGET

Less than a week before the 80th Congress of the Socialist Party, the re-election of Olivier Faure as the party’s first secretary was confirmed by the vetting commission this Sunday, January 22nd. But his rival Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol is still arguing for a less favorable result for Nupes. At the end of the second round of voting held on January 19, the two candidates accused each other of irregularities in the ballot and announced that they had won overnight.

According to the audit commission, outgoing secretary Olivier Faure, who came first in the first round, therefore wins with 51.09% of the vote against 48.91% for Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, the PS press release said. Mayer-Rossignol asks to resume the “suspended” and inconclusive work of the commission and condemns the “forced transition”.

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France and Germany show off their rediscovered unity for the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron at the Sorbonne, Paris, 22 January 2023 Credit: POOL/AFP - Christophe Ena

Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron at the Sorbonne, Paris, January 22, 2023

After the display of controversy, the attempt began: Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz this Sunday, January 22, in Paris, displayed the found section of the Franco-German “locomotive”, which was called to be “a vanguard for the reconstruction of Europe”. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the peace treaty between the two countries, the French president assured that this “couple” will “choose the future” because he “knew how to behave at every turning point in the construction of Europe.”

“Since Germany and France have cleared the way for reconciliation, they must lead the way for the reconstruction of our Europe,” he declared in an enthusiastically lyrical speech at the Sorbonne.

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Burkina Faso demands the withdrawal of French troops

People gather to show support for Burkina Faso's new military leader, Ibrahim Traoré, and demand the departure of France's ambassador to Ouagadougou.  /Photo taken on January 20, 2023/REUTERS/Vincent Bado Credit: VINCENT BADO

Burkina Faso is demanding that French troops leave its territory within a month, amid months of heightened tensions between the two countries and as Moscow tries to advance its own infantry.

“The Burkinabé government condemned last Wednesday the agreement governing the presence of French armed forces on its territory from 2018,” the Burkinabé News Agency (AIB) said. “This denunciation, made on January 18, 2023, gives the French Armed Forces one month to leave Burkinabe territory under the terms of the agreement of December 17, 2018,” the national agency continues.

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Game over for RT France

File photo of a microphone with the RT France logo in Paris, /Photo taken on May 1, 2018/REUTERS/Philippe Woja Credit: PHILIPPE WOJAZER

RT France media has announced that the French division of Russia’s RT channel will be closed this Saturday, January 21, following the freezing of its assets. In return, Moscow promised to take retaliatory measures against the French media in Russia.

RT, which is officially funded by the Russian state and accused of “disinformation”, has been banned from broadcasting in the European Union since March 2, 2022, following the agreement of Twenty Seven, shortly after the start of the conflict in Ukraine. But until now, RT France has continued to produce and broadcast content. This Friday, January 20, 2023, RT France unions condemned the freezing of the channel’s accounts in France.

Citing Russian news agencies Ria Novosti and Tass, a source in Russian diplomacy warned: “The freezing of RT France accounts will lead to retaliation against the French media in Russia.”

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What you might have missed on this weekend…

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