Content Creation: Five African YouTubers to Watch

Do you want to train yourself in content creation with Photoshop, Illustrator to understand some of YouTube’s work like monetization and SEO, to get familiar with digital strategies? Good! Don’t bother your brain anymore. There are YouTube channels hosted by young people from French-speaking Africa. We have listed five of them for you.

Baba Design (Senegal)

Diémé dit Babacar is a Senegalese with nothing to prove in the fields of computer graphics, video and web design. He worked for AMD Graphics, Graphic Solutions, Carbone 14 and Polykrome.

He has been a consultant graphic designer and creator of brochures for the United Nations Office on Drugs (UNODC) and the ECOWAS Quality Program (bilingual). He has been an expert consultant at Expert Auto and at Prospectives Dialogues Politiques (ENDA Diapol), a forum for consultations for the development of “participatory” public policies. Babacar is the designer and video editor of the Zulu Nation program on Radio Broadcasting Senegal (RTS2).

Babacar’s specialty is that his classes are in French and Wolof

His YouTube channel (, created in September 2019, has 74 videos with a total of 82,731 views. According to Babacar, the channel was created to help subscribers better understand computer graphics and its programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. The uniqueness of his channel is that his tutorials are in French and Wolof (the local language of Senegal).

William Angora (Ivory Coast)

William Angora is a certified Ivorian and digital strategy expert at YouTube. He is also an avid videographer, photographer and content creator.

William Angora holds a degree in management and business administration from Toulouse 1 Capitole University in 2016. He also holds a Master 1 in IT methods applied to business management and a Master 2 in digital strategy.

William Angora has nearly a million views on his YouTube channel

On his YouTube channel (, which was established in 2017 and has nearly 20,000 subscribers and over 980,000 views, he provides tools to help content creators and entrepreneurs succeed and grow on YouTube and shares strategies. their channel and monetize it.

For example, on his channel “How to live on Facebook and YouTube at the same time?” », « The ultimate way to properly cite a YouTube video? » « Installation Video 2020: What Equipment to Run on YouTube? »

Dimitri Ndjonyang (Cameroon)

Visual identity creator, graphic designer, certified Adobe professional Dimitri Ndjonyang is a Cameroonian who “helps small businesses look like big business” as he likes to say. He took his shot at several companies like Artmeni in Cameroon, Désiré Afro Soul Food, Digital House international before throwing his bags at Kwantum Empire, a thriving digital marketing company. He holds the position of art director and already has more than a dozen visual identities for local and international companies.

Dimitri Ndjonyang is of Cameroonian origin

On his YouTube channel (, he shares his know-how in branding, motion design and logo design. You can find videos about creating your visual identity, making a flyer, editing a photo. Created in April 2019, the channel has 20 videos and a total of over 165,000 views

HK Academy (Ivory Coast)

Start-up HK Academy was founded in 2020. The YouTube channel ( has been active since August 2021 and has over 1400 subscribers. The channel aims to help subscribers create content and master design tools on various networks. You can design flyers, product posters and logos with Photoshop, basic drawings with Illustrator, photo editing software, and more. you can find videos about

HK Academy channel has 1400 subscribers

United Graphic Designers

Are you an amateur, a professional in the field of image? United Infographics ( is a community of professional and amateur graphic designers. Created in September 2016, this channel is designed for training, sharing and topos. He has over 9,600 subscribers and over 460,000 views. The videos are well explained. You can create share screens in Photoshop, design posters and cutouts, animate a logo in After Effect, and more.

United Infographics is a community of professional and amateur graphic designers born in Ivory Coast

Although all these YouTube channels offer quite rich and interesting content, they are not well known. In Burkina Faso, we still have work to do to “democratize” knowledge in the field of digital creativity. It’s time for professionals to start creating YouTube channels. Content creators in English-speaking Africa understood this early on. They went forward. Let’s not be left behind.

Fredo Bassole

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