five Femen were arrested after disrupting an anti-abortion protest

(Twitter @Femen_France) Abortion: Five Femen arrested after disrupting anti-abortion demonstration

(Twitter @Femen_France)

Abortion: Five Femen arrested after disrupting anti-abortion demonstration

abortion – ” Abortion is sacred “. Five Femen activists were arrested after disrupting a “pro-life” demonstration in Paris on January 22. Five women with bare breasts and legs painted with fake blood exploded in front of a procession of several thousand people. They were mobilized against the possible legalization of a. “active assistance in dying” and inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution.

In several videos, Femen activists can be seen shouting ” abortion is sacred before being seized by security and police. After being covered in survival blankets, the police took them away.

On Twitter, Femen, who said their number was six, asks the account “ pray for abortion to be part of the Constitution.

“Accompany death not with a program”

Behind a banner proclaiming what we must do “Accompany death not with a program”participants in this 17 “March for Life” – 6,300 according to police headquarters, 20,000 according to the organizers – joined the Disabled in the afternoon from Montparnasse.

This national event is organized every year around the anniversary of the “Veil” law on voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), which was passed on January 17, 1975. It is organized by conservative Catholic activists.

This year, organizers highlighted the topic of end-of-life, a topic of discussion for the possible evolution of a legal framework over abortion.

“We are against euthanasia and suicide”declared Nicolas Tardy-Joubert, president of the march for life, before the demonstration. “Although 26 departments in France lack palliative care units, we believe that political priority should be given there”he added “The ban on killing must remain fundamental”.

A” the culture of death »

A few young people, some older, sometimes with their families, attended with a few colorful flags or seals of the Sacred Heart. “We fight for the beauty of life”Hermine Gousseau, 19, from Lyon, looked after the elderly, waving a large French flag in the chilly wind, she told AFP.

24-year-old student Alexis Gaudillère arrived “Protecting life from conception to natural death” and “To make society understand that there are alternatives to this culture of death that is propagated by the government”.

“We will inevitably push the elderly in hospital beds or nursing homes.” wishing them dead, letting them think they were “Payments for Everyone”A 60-year-old Parisian, who did not want to be named, is afraid of Benoit.

Organizers used the march to express their opposition to the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution, which was voted by deputies in November but must be approved by the Senate to be effective.

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