Legendary Heroes (Nintendo Switch) – Test

There’s always a sense of curiosity and trepidation when we have to test a port of a free-to-play mobile game on Nintendo Switch. How do you manage to match the content on the console that needs to be live from advertising and in-app purchases? This is a big problem that the Brazilian studio Solaris Mobile is trying to solve Legendary Heroes, a MOBA touch-based RPG game that has garnered over ten million downloads since its release on mobile in 2012. This edition on the Nintendo Switch was developed by another Brazilian studio, QUByte Interactive, which was already responsible for the ports. Josh Journey: Totem of Darkness Where Condemned to hell.

Legendary Heroes Available on the eShop from November twenty-fourth for five euros. Looks like a good deal or a scam?

Before starting the test, we would like to point out that the game does not offer any French translation. A beginner level of English is required to play Legendary Heroes.

A game to avoid at all costs

Legendary Heroes it bills itself as an RPG with MOBA touches. The objective of the game is quite simple: using the heroes you control, your goal is to destroy the opponent’s tower to win the battle.

There are ten heroes to choose from, all with their own abilities. There’s an archer who can teleport and is ideal for ranged attacks, a soldier who shoots mini-tanks that fire at opponents around him, or a Phoenix that sends walls of fire to incinerate an opponent.

Each hero has four abilities that we can strengthen depending on their level. Heroes level up by opening chests that we collect with each victory.

Legendary Heroes consists of a wheel of types, which gives heroes weaknesses and resistances to others.

Each card consists of a large tower called a source, which if one of them is destroyed leads to instant victory or defeat, as well as smaller towers that stand in our way and hinder our progress.

These little turrets shoot at us and do a lot of damage to us, so we have little animals called “minions” that stand in front of us and act as tanks.

on paper, Legendary Heroes it could be a beautiful game, but the reality is quite different: we are facing a game with a disastrous realization, and its gameplay, bland and tasteless, becomes an ordeal for the user.

In Legendary Heroes, the action is jarring, with our heroes taking two steps before stopping dead and continuing their journey. Attacks are also very slow. We can wait between two and three seconds between the moment we activate our ability and the moment it takes place.

Legendary Heroes accuracy is very difficult: frankly, we have no way to target the opponent we want to target. The game works for us and is very lacking in logic. Our character will sometimes prefer to hit an opponent who has all life than one who is about to die, or worse, an opponent minion rather than a turret with only one life point.

A disaster on all levels

AI is wrong. The latter moves randomly around the map and can allow us to destroy his main tower as long as we don’t bother him too much. How can we construct any piece of strategy under these circumstances?

If that wasn’t enough, progress Legendary Heroes it’s a shame. For five euros, you still get a game that has all the features of a bad free game.

The difficulty is purposefully higher than level ten to force players who like the mobile experience to loot and therefore watch ads if they want to progress. They will then have to open their chests to hope for a maximum of two fragments from a random character that will allow them to upgrade, knowing that they will need about thirty fragments from three different characters to evolve.

This business strategy could (and still does) make sense on mobile, but not on console. After over a hundred chests and ten hours of play, we still haven’t reached the level we need to progress through the campaign mode. In addition to the technical glitches, we are forced to repeat the same nine levels indefinitely to get the chest.

Plus, adding a layer to the long litany of flaws Legendary Heroesit should be noted that the chests that allow us to improve our characters are only opened while we are in the game. Our adventure consists of putting down our Nintendo Switch every ten minutes with the chests unlocked.

Transport to top this already notorious content Legendary Heroes it’s messy. The game is half-touch, which makes the experience very uncomfortable. For example, we have to use the controller to move, and we have to use touch to improve our attacks. de facto Very unpleasant to use in docked mode.

Dating back to 2012, the graphics weren’t great to begin with and weren’t optimized for console gaming. Therefore, the game is not easy on the eyes.

The soundtrack is also bad, though it’s one of the only things that save this disaster.

No French translation.

The result


  • Five euros
  • Good ideas, on paper
  • ten characters


  • Light and slow game
  • jerky movements
  • Mindless AI
  • Attacks lack accuracy
  • Sometimes there is no reaction when pressing the button
  • A disastrous portage
  • A game that doesn’t adapt its game to a console…
  • …we spend most of our time with the Switch aside…
  • …opening chests in hopes of leveling up our heroes…
  • The graphics are also not optimized for the console
  • No French translation

Record detail

  • Gameplay

  • Life / Price / Quality of time

  • Graphic

  • Soundtrack

  • Difficulty / Progress

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