2022 is a record year for order intake

Recovery in several market segments, but in the context of the war in Ukraine, Airbus Helicopters achieved 2022. firm “, in the words of its CEO, Bruno Even. Last year was unimpressive in terms of order intake (except for the Tiger modernization contract signed in 2022). The Marignane-based builder won 362 net orders (374 gross orders) compared to 414 net orders in 2021 (268 net orders in 2021). This represents a decrease of 12.5%. Last year, Airbus Helicopters delivered 14 Super Pumas (including 12 Caracals in the United Arab Emirates confirmed in June), 8 H175s and 12 heavy and medium helicopters of the new H160.

“In context, we consider it a performance,” CEO Bruno Even said on a conference call.

All of these commands are highlighted ” continued market recovery with 216 light single-engine helicopters sold Airbus Helicopters said. With the Tiger Mark 3 modernization contract (€4 billion) signed last March, 2022 should be a record year for the manufacturer in terms of order intake. In addition, Airbus Helicopters delivered 344 aircraft last year, which is a relatively stable balance (+ 2%) compared to 2021 (338 helicopters delivered). Finally, the manufacturer claims a 52% market share in the civilian and parapublic markets, down 13% in 2022 due to macroeconomic concerns. In turn, the military market grew by 29%.

10% EBIT?

Bruno Even could take great satisfaction in terms of Airbus Helicopters’ financial performance. It does not hide that it wants to reach 10% EBIT. ” I believe that a company like Airbus Helicopters should be able to target 10% Ebit. It is the goal “, he explained in an interview with La Tribune in November 2021. Since his arrival in 2018, EBIT has increased significantly, from 337 million euros in 2017 to 535 million in 2021. About 60% ( 58.75%) jump.

During the first 9 months of 2022, the Franco-German manufacturer achieved EBIT of 380. million euros (314 million in the same period of 2021). This financial performance is partly driven by growth in service activity and a favorable mix programs. During the year as a whole, he could approach celebrity grail 10% EBIT in 2022 and why not reach it in 2023? An unprecedented performance, especially in the context of stable turnover in the last five years (6.4 billion in 2017, 6.5 billion in 2021).

To the question: “When do you expect to reach 10% Ebit?” In 2022, 2023? Bruno Even replied in November 2021: “I think we are at the right speed and in the right direction. There is no reason to think that we will not achieve this in the medium term.”

Attractive business prospects

Business prospects for 2023 are attractive. France’s lower ambition to modernize the Tiger will move from standard 3 to standard 2+, as La Tribune noted on Tuesday, provided it negotiates two strategic deals for Airbus Helicopters and renegotiates without losing too much hair. In Germany, Airbus Helicopters is fighting to win an important and strategic mega-order for the manufacturer this year. Solver by number of devices: iThis refers to the renewal of 40 Super Pumas from the Bundespolizei. It is strategic because the Bundespolizei is a major customer for Airbus Helicopters, which offers the H225. “You can imagine the visibility and impact an order of this magnitude could have on our business”he argued in La Tribune in November 2021.

In Great Britain, the manufacturer is fighting a very important campaign, especially as it concerns the replacement of Pumas with about forty devices. This campaign is also strategic for the manufacturer, which wants to maintain a privileged industrial and strategic relationship with the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Airbus Helicopters offers a military version of the H175, which may be manufactured in Broughton, Wales.etc. if the constructor wins. Beyond the British market, Bruno Ewe’s aim is to address the entire export market to tip the scales in favor of Airbus Helicopters.

Finally, the manufacturer hopes to commercialize the new H160 aircraft, of which more than a hundred have already been ordered. The first copies have been delivered. The first H160 was delivered to a Brazilian customer in July 2022, transported by Airbus Beluga. Shortly after, All Nippon Helicopter’s H160 entered service in Japan, and the French Navy took delivery of its first H160 for SAR operations. On the other hand, the oil and gas market, which accounted for 20% of Airbus Helicopters sales in the 2010s, remains sluggish despite expected fleet renewals. ” There is a need to replace the helicopters that are delayed due to the cheap price in the market. “Bruno even confirmed. The manufacturer believes that the H175 meets the needs of maritime operators in terms of operation and performance.