Vendée: Douill’artistes offers a “huge amount” to the Autism 85 alliance

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“When they forced us to go on stage to give us a gift check it out, my legs trembled. We have never received such a large donation. “This feeling Benoît Morisset, the president From the association Autism Alliance 85is slowly recovering.

Last November Douill’artiststhe A Vendée troupe that lives and breathes the theater as a family, sharedsecond time his hit on stage with his union Vendee. Because playing to give is the philosophy of these authors, actors and amateur technicians.

After supporting Alzeihmer in France in 2016 The Douillard family He chose in 2022help the association Autism Alliance 85.

In November 2022, after four performances at the Longère de Beaupuy in Mouilleron-le-Captif, the Duill’artists presented Benoit Morisset. Big check for €10,000. For a long time, Autism Alliance 85 has been used to events organized by clubs for their benefit, but never before has the support been so high.

This is a huge amount for us. We are a small community. This amount exceeds our annual budget! It is also a great responsibility

Benoit Morisset, President of the Autism Alliance 85.

Autistic support for 28 years

The Autism Alliance, founded in 1995, was 85 the first union of the department to support people who are suffering autism spectrum disorders and their familiesetc.

It was born out of concern for the conflicting relationship that can exist between families and the expert medical community in autistic disorders. Therefore, the goal was to bring these two backgrounds together for a better exchange, more listening. A family and a medical worker got involved, hence the name Alliance.

Benoît Morisset

The association, which is completely autonomous, has been mobilizing for 28 years “to be as close as possible to families and meet their special needs such as finding a structure, diagnosing, applying for grants, advising, informing”detailed president.

Its role is also to facilitate certain care pathways.

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In particular, we have signed an agreement with the Saint-Charles clinic, which allows autistic people to receive preferential treatment during surgical treatment. The protocol around the operation is difficult and stressful for the autistic person, specialist, anesthetist, etc. The goal is to prevent a crisis. Therefore, this arrangement allows you to receive all appointments at once, adapt the intervention framework and avoid any waiting.

Benoît Morisset

Listening to structures

Unity too listening structures supports them through financed equipment partly for improving acceptance of people with autism. For example, like the emergency room set up in the reception center of Poire-sur-Vie. “It’s a room with light effects, water mattresses bring a lot of comfort to people with autism,” notes Benoît Morisset.

The Autism Alliance also has 85 roles educate, especially medical staff. “Thanks to the diversity of the Union, we bring the knowledge of professionals as well as the experience of everyday life of families,” the president emphasizes.

Finally, the association allows let the families breathe a few hours. The respite was made possible by cooperation with ADMR. “We fund hours of care for people with autism, which frees up families from walking and spending time with themselves or others. »

Encourage participation

Another spearhead close to the heart of Alliance Autisme 85 facilitating the inclusion of people with autism in society. Depending on the disorders, some may be truly autonomous, esp autistic asperger’s disease. The association is the first example of this by integrating Nicolas, who has Asperger’s autism, into the board.

He can congratulate himself since the last quarter of 2022 Mutual Aid Group (Gem) specific to people with this disorder.

This Gem enables people with Asperger’s syndrome to meet, socialize and think together on inclusive projects. This is a real plus that allows us to work better, to better understand their expressions.

Benoît Morisset.

Since its inception, Gem has been able to bring together about twenty adults. “It made it possible to identify people. The next step will be thinking about inclusive housing. A work already started with structures like Adapei-Aria.

The generous donation of the Douill’artistes will optimize all these missions, develop others and, above all, make the association of about fifty members more visible.

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